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Temtem: How to Dye Hair and Clothes

Temtem has a lot to offer as a catch-em-all game in early access. You can decorate a home, breed the best Temtem, and even customize your appearance. One of the ways you can do this is buying and wearing different sets and individual clothes, but you can take things a step further. There is actually a dye system in the game that lets you change the colours of your clothes and hair.

Where to get dye in Temtem

Temtem Clothing Store
The Dye Rack can be found next to the changing rooms

To dye your cosmetics, first you need to get dye. Dyes are single use, and come in a variety of colors. At first they may seem impossible to find, but you can actually find dye at clothing stores, as a reward for quests at Nuru Lodge, or as rewards for freeing Temtem. In the back of each clothing store, there will be a dye rack you can interact with. Each clothing store’s dye rack has different dye bundles you can buy, each with a set of single use colors. The prices for a bundle is 28,999 suns (The currency in Temtem).

How to dye in Temtem

Temtem Clothing Store

After buying your dye, you’re ready to dye your cosmetics. You can dye your clothes or hair anywhere. Just open up your menu and go to customization. You will see all your different cosmetic options here. Find what you want to dye, then click on it. you will see a menu showing what parts can be dyed, and all your current dyes. When you use it, the dye will be consumed so make sure it’s the colour you want.

Temtem hood dyeing

Some clothes have a pattern or multiple dyable parts, and there are many colour dye you can find and buy throughout your adventures in Temtem, so the combinations are almost limitless.