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TFT 4.5 Early-Game Tier List: Who is S-Tier?

TFT Set 4.5Festival of Beasts

Now that the new TFT set has finally been out for a few days, let’s see which are the strongest early-game units in this tier list!

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Without further ado, let’s check out the 5 strongest units in our tier list!

TFT Early-Game Tier List

5. Zed

Credit: Riot Games

Zed’s traits got changed after Shade was removed in the mid-set update. While still keeping the Ninja trait, Zed has also become a Slayer. (Slayers gain Lifesteal that increases at lower Health, and deal bonus damage that increases based off their target’s missing Health.)

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This makes the Master of Shadows an extremely strong early-game unit if built with the correct items. The stand-alone Ninja trait buffs him enough: paired with a Runaan’s Hurricane and/or a Rapid Fire Cannon he becomes even more obnoxious.

4. Rakan

TFT Rakan
Credit: Riot Games

Rakan is one of the new additions of the 4.5 Set. Both Elderwood & Keeper, he’s a very flexible unit that can be paired with different comps. His ability is insanely strong since it can taunt multiple targets and his shield allows him to survive long enough in almost any fight.

While he falls off later into the game, other Elderwood will make up for him so just keep him for the trait buff.

3 – Pyke

TFT 4.5 Tier List Pyke
Credit: Riot Games

Pyke is also one of the returning champions in the 4.5 Set. While his damage got overall nerfed, he also earned the Slayer trait, just like Zed.

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Getting the Slayer trait is not that hard but Pyke’s strongest trait is the Assassin one. If you’re able to find 4 Assassins at level 4 & 5, you’ll see an enormous spike in damage output. In addition, there’s another insanely strong Assassin later into the list…

2 – Yasuo

TFT Yasuo
Credit: Riot Games

Yasuo still remains one of, if not, the best early game unit. Getting a Chosen Yasuo in Early game is the best start you can get. You can stack 4 Duelist really early on, and by slow rolling in the early levels, you can get many duelists at either level 2 or 3.

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Duelists are probably one of the strongest early game team comps to begin with. Yasuo only reinforces it: a Hand of Justice and a Guardian’s Angel are probably enough for you to stay alive until level 7-8 when you will get Yone and granting the double Exile buff as well…

1 – Diana

TFT 4.5 Tier List Diana
Credit: Riot Games

The strongest unit in the early game of the set is, without a doubt, Diana. Getting a Chosen Diana means that you will most likely be running a team comp around her. It doesn’t matter whether she gets the double Assassin or the double Spirit trait: just make sure she gets both buffs and she’ll take over the game.

Getting the right items, however, is extremely crucial. Infinity Edge & Titan’s Resolve are your go-to items. The latter makes her insanely tanky: paired with her Shields, she will most likely out damage every enemy that dares to fight her…

So what do you think of our tier list? Who do you think is the strongest unit? Let us know in the comments!

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