TFT in 2020: League Universe Set, Mobile, and Balance

Riot Games is continuing to announce plans for 2020, and today’s focus was Teamfight Tactics. TFT in 2020 will have a new set, go mobile, and have more balance changes.

The Goal of the TFT Balance Team in 2020

The balance and gameplay team for TFT are focused on making sure you get to see your champions shine instead of watching the team you worked hard to build get countered and crushed instantly without even one chance to use an ability.

They want to focus on the core gameplay of adapting to the situation. Some goals include removing hard disables such as Hextech, removing hard counters, and making RNG less harmful.

TFT Mobile

They plan to release the mobile version of TFT in March. Their goal is to create a seamless experience so that nothing is lost in the gameplay compared to PC.

The Next Set – Universe

Last year, Rise of the Elements gave us a taste of how much of an overhaul each new set will be. There will be all-new champions, new themes, and new items.

The next set was not officially revealed, but it was heavily hinted at.

“It’s a pretty large project but with so many star champions in the League universe, it’s been a blast how to make space for all of them, especially now that we’re getting our finger on the pulse of what makes a good set. Our hope is that you’ll find the next set to be out of this world.” – Stephen Mortimer (Mortdog), TFT’s game design lead.

While Mort was talking, images of splash art for each of the universe skin lines were shown.

If you couldn’t guess, the next TFT set will be based on League’s alt universes. Much like the element classes (such as inferno and ocean) in Rise of the Elements, we will likely see universe classes in the next set, like Project and Star Guardian.

Like TFT mobile, the next TFT set’s planned release is around mid-March.

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