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The Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combos

The Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combos

The best gaming keyboard and mouse combos might be one of the most important purchases you make as a PC gamer. Unlike console controllers, gaming mouse and keyboard pairs give you incredible control over everything you do in-game. When determining the best gaming keyboard and mouse combos for you, it is easy to become overwhelmed. That’s why you will find five of the best gaming keyboard and mouse combos below.

The Starter Kit – Cooler Master Devastator 3

We have all been there. You buy your first gaming PC, and it comes with the most garbage keyboard and mouse combo you could ever imagine. You can’t play without a mouse and keyboard, but you just spent all of your money on the PC. What do you do? Snag the Cooler Master Devastator 3.

The Devastator 3 combo pack is not the best setup on the market, but it will kill the useless junk that came with your prebuilt PC. The keyboard uses a hybrid switch that gives you a mechanical feel without the cost associated with an all-mechanical keyboard.

The mouse that is included has decent components as well. With Kaihl switches, you can click millions of times before the switches wear out. Additionally, it uses an Avago sensor, which is great at the price point. Speaking of price-point, the combo is only about $40.

Oh, one last thing: the mouse and keyboard have RGB lighting.

The Starter Kit+ – James Donkey 619 Keyboard & 112 Mouse

If you are in a similar position as the last category but you have a little more expendable income, look no further than James Donkey.

I won’t say much about the James Donkey 619 Keyboard, as I have already reviewed it. Just know it is an adequate gaming keyboard and a steal for a mechanical keyboard. If you aren’t sure why a mechanical keyboard is so advantageous, or you don’t know what to look for, no worries; I made a guide for that, too.

Much like the 619 Keyboard, the 112 Mouse is adequate, a step sideways, and maybe a bit up over the Coolermaster. There’s not a lot to add here; you pretty much know what to expect in a mouse in this price range.

You can get the 619 Keyboard for about $70 and the 112 Mouse for about $20. If you can find a bundle or a deal, you can get this entire setup for under $80.

The Gamer – SteelSeries Apex M750 Keyboard & Rival 600 Mouse

Maybe you have been playing with some budget gear for a while, and you are looking to upgrade to something that is performant but not too cost-prohibitive.

I have found SteelSeries, as a brand, usually crushes it in these instances.

The Rival 600 Mouse has what they call “optical 1 to 1 esports tracking”, which is just marketing speak for using a high-end optical sensor. The Rival 600 sports quality switches that will get you through 60 million clicks and has stellar lift-off distance (LOD) accuracy. Additionally, the weight and LOD are customizable for your liking.

The Apex M750 is a mechanical keyboard that utilizes linear switches, often considered superior for gaming. The body is made out of aluminum, and it features all of the cool RGB that you expect in keyboards these days.

At MSRP, buying these peripherals separately would cost you just about $200 or more. Right now, bundles are floating around in the $150-$175 range. That’s a killer deal for the performance.

The Minimalist – Logitech G Pro & Glorious Model-O

You need to understand that when I say minimalist, I just mean lightweight and doesn’t crowd the desk. This is my setup for gaming, and I absolutely love it. I know a lot of folks that like to run a 60% keyboard and ultralight mouse.

The Glorious Model-O is covered a ton over when I was helping people select the best mice for VALORANT, but the long and short is that it is comfortable, light, and has some of the best components on the market. You’ll notice that the further you go down the list, the less significant differences there will be in performance.

The Logitech G Pro is just a phenomenal 60% keyboard. It is built to the highest quality and has plenty of options as far as what switches you want. I personally like the extra clicky blue switches, even though that is not typically considered a proper gaming setup. Additionally, the Logitech software lets you customize all of your RGB settings.

High quality while taking up minimal space is not cheap though, the Logitech G Pro keyboard costs about $130, and the Glorious Model-O is around $80. All in, you are looking at $200 or more for this setup.

The Wireless – Logitech G Pro Wireless & G613 Keyboard

I get it, wires are annoying. A few years ago, I would tell you to suck it up; the latency isn’t worth going wireless. With today’s cutting-edge technologies and the fact that you can use these peripherals wired, I would be happy to point you to a great keyboard and mouse combo.

Logitech, in my opinion, has the best wireless gear on the market right now. The Logitech G Pro Wireless mouse is the gold standard. Just look at how many pros use it.

Much like previous recommendations, please go check out my article on the best mice for VALORANT. I go into all of the detail about the G Pro Wireless that you may need there. In short, it is a premium mouse made for top-level gaming.

Similarly, the G613 keyboard is a top of the line piece of kit. It is a full-sized mechanical keyboard with all of the features you would expect. The G613 relies on two AA batteries to power it and can survive on those for about 18 months.

The G613 costs typically $130, but right now, it can be had for as low as $80. That’s a great deal for a reliable wireless gaming keyboard. The G Pro Wireless, on the other hand, will still cost you a pretty penny at $150.


No matter what I recommend, there is an excellent chance you have a completely different preference. Peripherals are very personal, so there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Try these out, or use them as the basis for your own research.

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