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The Colossus and c0ntact Eliminated From Flashpoint 2

The first week of Flashpoint 2 has been wrapped up and c0ntact and Cloud9 aka “The Colossus” is the first two teams out of four to be eliminated from the tournament and will not compete for a part of the $1 000 000 prize pool. The other two teams will be decided in the last chance matches which will be played at November 19-22. Currently there are three teams that have secured themselves a spot in the playoffs, these teams are MAD Lions, BIG and Virtus.pro.

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Saturday c0ntact played against Dignitas in a match which had a lot on the line. With the loser of the match likely to be eliminated from the tournament, the match also played a role in what would happen to Envy. Going into the match c0ntact needed 42 rounds to secure themselves a spot in the last chance qualifier, but the international roster could only get 38 rounds in the best-of-three match against Dignitas, sending envy to the last chance qualifier.

The match started with a poor performance from the c0ntact players. After only four rounds, Dignitas had already won three of them, and two of them coming from a ninja defuse. Dignitas quickly took control of the match and ended the CT half with a five round lead. They gave c0ntact the chance to catch up after halftime, but once the score was 10-11 in favor of Dignitas, they secured themselves the first map with five consecutive round wins.

Patrik “f0rest” Lindberg and the rest of Dignitas picked up their first win with their new roster.

On Dust2 Dignitas seemed to keep up the pace and took the first four rounds, however c0ntact didn’t give up that easily. The Marco “Snappi” Pfeiffer led side saw Lotan “⁠Spinx⁠” Giladi step up for the team as he was vital for them as they won the map 16-8. The Israelian rifler ended the map with 40 kills in only 24 rounds. Had the map played on for some more rounds, he could have beat Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke record, which currently sits at 47 kills in regulation time.

Lotan “⁠Spinx⁠” Giladi and the rest of the squad continued the impressive performance as they moved into Inferno. They set themselves up great for the second half as they had a three round lead before switching sides. Dignitas, which was yet to win a match with their new lineup, were keen to get their first win against c0ntact as they ran riot on their T-side, taking the map 16-12.

Ricky “floppy” Kemery is the only one that was kept from Cloud9s last roster

Sunday Cloud9 joined c0ntact as they were eliminated from the tournament by OG. The first map picked by The Colossus turned out to be a close one. The first half of the map was as close as it could get, with The Colossus switching sides with a one round lead. When on the CT-side Cloud9 struggled to close out the game, after making the score 15-12. With three rounds to get the last round needed to secure their own map-pick, The Colossus failed to do so, as OG equalized the score sending them to overtime. In overtime Cloud9 yet again had match point but once again failed to close it. This led to OG taking four rounds in second overtime and won their opponents map pick 22-18.

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After a close first map, the second started just like the first one, but this time OG had the one round lead as they switched sides at halftime. On the CT-side OG started off strong with winning six rounds in a row, leaving Cloud9 trailing by seven rounds. OG held off the comeback attempt made by Cloud9 as they secured themselves a rematch against Gen.G.

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