The Sims 4 Paranormal: Medium Skill Guide

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So you want to build the Medium Skill in The Sims 4: Paranormal? If you want to commune with the dead and summon Bonehilda, this guide will help you through this phantasmagoric path.

How To Build the Medium Skill?

Whether you want to be a paranormal investigator or you live in a haunted house in The Sims 4: Paranormal, the Medium Skill is a must. The new skill, that has the maximum level of 5, is used to deal with haunted houses, summon Bonehilda, complete the tasks from the Paranormal Investigator Career and much more. Each level gives you new abilities with the Séance Table.

To build the Medium Skill, the first thing that you need, strangely enough, it’s not a Crystal Ball, but a Séance Table. You can buy the table on its own or on a set with the Crystal Ball and four chairs. Whichever you choose, you can still even use to eat your family dinners.

the Sims 4 Paranormal Sims, Bonehilda and Guidry
Credit: Electronic Arts

Being in a good mood is vetter to level up on the skill since bad moods increase the change of unsuccessful rituals. Also, since Spellcasters are already connected with to the spiritual world, if you are one, the process is even faster.

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And If I Want To Cheat?

It can require some patience but, if you are in a hurry, you can cheat. First, you open the Cheat Console with Ctrl + Shift + C, then enable testing cheats with:

testingcheats true

After that you can use the cheat code for the Medium Skill placing a number from 1 to 5 to set your skill level:

stats.set_skill_level Minor_Medium 5

What Each Level Can Do?

The abilities from each level are:

  • Level 1:
    • Sense Spiritual Volatility
    • Perform Ceremony (Haunted House Lot Only)
    • Commune With The Departed
  • Level 2:
    • Group Séance
  • Level 3:
    • Summon Bonehilda
    • Invoke The Dead
  • Level 4:
    • Ghastly Ritual
  • Level 5:
    • Create Séance Circle
The Sims 4 Paranormal - Doing a ritual with a séance circle
Credit: Electronic Arts

Upon reaching Level 5 you’ll gain a free Paranormal Investigator License from Guidry and your Séances will be less tiring. Just with a Paranormal Investigator License, you can begin your path in this new career.

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