Thicc Bonkus Coming To Fall Guys Season 2

Yep. If you thought Big Yeetus was enough, it wasn’t. Thicc Bonkus is also coming to popular Bean-themed title Fall Guys in the coming season.

You’ve been Yeeted, Tossed, Flung… But have you been Bonked? Well, Fall Guys has you covered.

If you’re not sure what Fall Guys is, I’ve got you covered. Fall Guys is a Bean-Based Battle Royale Party Game Obstacle Course Survival Team Racing Extravaganza. It’s like Takeshi’s Castle and Mario Party got together and threw some Jelly Beans off of a rotating platform.

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In the upcoming highly-anticipated second season of the Bean Party Game, Mediatonic are adding a brand-new theme to the game: Medieval. However, this is hardly on anyone’s minds ever-since the terrifying Thicc Bonkus has been announced.

Thicc Bonkus
Credit: @FallGuysGame

Thicc Bonkus follows in Big Yeetus’ footsteps in being another additional randomly-spawning obstacle to knock you off-course during your Fall Guys run.

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Essentially, Thicc Bonkus is a swinging log with big spikes on it. Fall Guys is already tough enough, with other Beans grappling you and that damned Hex-a-Gone Final Round, but… Sure, Bonk us too!

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