Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2: School – Goals, Gaps & Collectables Guide

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 Remastered is here, bringing back all of the 90’s nostalgia in glorious HD. The first 2 games have been accurately recreated, and it is one of the most fun gaming experiences of 2020. If you missed it, be sure to read our review of Tony Hawk’s 1 + 2 Remastered here.

Each of the 17 levels in the game (minus the Competition levels) has 10 challenges to complete as well as collecting Stat Points and the Vicarious Visions Logo. Here is a guide for completing every challenge and grabbing every collectable for the School level.

The challenges for the School are as follows:

Score Challenges

To complete these, you need to earn a total of 125,000 points in a single run to unlock the Sick Score challenge. In addition to the score challenges, there is also a combo challenge for each level. The Warehouse combo challenge is to get 10,000 points in a single combo.

Collect S-K-A-T-E

Dotted around each level are the letters to spell SKATE. These must be completed in a single run to complete the challenge. Here are the locations for the School level:

School SKATE S

Once the level begins, jump off the green roof when you get to the end and turn left. There will be a flight of stairs. Grind down the rail to grab the S.

School SKATE K

Immediately after landing, you will see a ramp to your north west. The K is in the middle of the 2 ramps.

School SKATE A

After grabbing the K, continue on, and you will see the A on another rail.

School SKATE T

After grabbing the A, continue on the path until you come to some quarter pipes. The T is above the ones on the right and can be collected by either riding up the quarter pipe or grinding.

School SKATE E

After grabbing the T and leaving the quarter pipes, the E is on the rail to the left in between the 2 bowls.

Collect 5 Textbooks

Like SKATE, there are 5 Textbooks dotted around the level. Here are their locations:

School Textbook 1

Immediately after starting the level, jump off the roof and go right into the gymnasium. Straight in front of you is the first textbook.

School Textbook 2

Exit the gym and head to the alley behind it. On the left corner is the second textbook.

School Textbook 3

Follow the alley to the roof above the gym, and the third textbook is on top of a raised ledge.

School Textbook 4

In front of the Big Rail Gap is another quarter pipe, above it is the 4th Hydrant. This is also directly in front of the third one.

School Textbook 5

Finally, jump off the roof and follow the rail where the S is. Once at the bottom, look at the quarter pipe to the right to see the final textbook and the Collect 5 Textbooks challenge for the School is done.

Grind 5 Tables

There are 5 tables dotted around the level that you need to grind on. Here are the locations:

Start off the level and grind down the rail where the S is in SKATE. Immediately after landing turn left to find the first rail.

Directly in front is a bridge, on the other side is the second table.

To the north east of the second table, just before the quarter pipes, is the third table.

After getting past the quarter pipes, head north west and before you get to the hill between the 2 school blocks, you will find the fourth table.

Finally, head up the hill back to where you begin the level to find the fifth and final table.

Check out the video below to show exactly where they are in a single run.

Wallride 5 Bells

One of the challenges in the School level is to Wallride 5 Bells. These are dotted around the map. Here are all of the locations for the 5 Bells you need to Wallride in the School:

After jumping off the roof at the start, follow the alleyway to find the first bell on the right side wall.

After grinding down the rail where the S is in SKATE, the second bell is on the wall to the right.

Follow the wall round to find the third bell a bit further up.

Jump on top of the roof above the quarter pipe on the left hand side to find the fourth bell.

After wallriding the fourth bell, jump off and start to head up the hill as if you’re heading back to the start. There is a ramp on the left and the bell is next to it.

Check out the video below to show exactly where they are in a single run.

Heelflip The Kicker Gap

When starting the level, jump off the roof and go down the rail where the S in SKATE is on the left hand side. Once you get to the bottom of the stairs you will see 2 ramps. To complete this challenge you need to perform a heelflip from one ramp to the other. A heelflip is done by pressing left + flip (Square/X) in goofy, and right + flip in regular stance.

Check out the video below to see how it is done:

Collect The Secret Tape

When starting the School level, jump off the green roof and go through the alley directly in front of you. Follow the alley round before doubling back on yourself to go to the roof of the building. From the roof, jump onto the green roof attached to it and ride to the end before performing an Ollie to grab the Secret Tape for the School level.

Stat Point Locations

School Stat 1

Begin the level and follow the path of the S-K-A in the SKATE challenge. Once you grind the rail to the left of the beginning of the level, look straight on past where the K and A would be and you will see a building. Above it is the first stat point. Ollie from the box to grab it.

School Stat 2

Follow the path round and you will come to 2 quarter pipes, making a half pipe. There is a roof on the left side of the pipe that can be Ollied onto. Jump on top of it to find the next stat point.

School Stat 3

Finally, follow the path to head back to the beginning on the level. Once you pass under the rail that is above you, turn right to spot a ledge. Ollie onto it and then grind the rail to grab the final stat point.

If you’re still stuck, check out the video below to show exactly how to get the Stat Points in-game.

Vicarious Visions Logo

school Vicarious Visions logo

Immediately upon starting the run, turn around and jump off the roof you’re on, and you’ll notice a patch of grass with a rail, this is the same rail that a stat point is on.

Grind across the rail, and when you jump off, immediately wall ride off the side of the school wall to get close to the Vicarious Visions logo and then Ollie to reach it.

It is quite confusing to explain, but check out the YouTube video below to see how it is done.

Gap List

Here are the list of Gaps in the School level:

Across The GymGo inside the gym and head to one side. Perform a manual over to the other side
All-Access GapGrind the blue rail from the top of the stairs all the way down
Ditchin ClassThere are two arched bridges over a wide ditch. Next to each bridge is a short kicker ramp. Jump from one of these ramps to the other side
Down The AwningGet to the gym roof. Jump down onto the green awning or grind the pipe down. Manual all the way to the end of the awning
Downhill ManualHold a manual all the way down the winding path down from the gym to the main courtyard
Dumpster Rail GapOutside the gym are two rails held up by some dumpsters. Grind up one rail, ollie to the other, and grind it as well
Funbox To Rail TransferFrom the funbox next to the climbing wall, jump to the quarter pipe and grind it
Funbox To Table Transfer
Near the ditch is a climbing wall with a table and funbox next to it. Jump from the funbox and grind the table
Garbage OllieAround the back of the gym is a single dumpster. Simply ollie over it
Gigantic RailGrind the colourful quarter pipe that leads to the pool the entire way
Gimme GapFrom the starting position, ramp off the canopy and grind the planter below
Hall Pass GapFrom where you start, turn around and find the winding path down to the pools area. You’ll see a rail going above this path. Grind it, jump at the end, and grind the ledge below
Huge RailCross the bridge to the large pink building. You need to grind the top of the entire quarter pipe that wraps around this building
Kicker GapThere are two large kicker ramps opposite each other. Ollie from one to the other
Long Ass RailFrom the top of the winding path that leads down from the gym, grind the right-hand edge all the way down
Mini Gap
There are two quarter pipes with a tiny gap between them. Jump from one quarter pipe to the other
Over a FootbridgeGo into the ditch with the two bridges above it. Use the slopes to launch yourself over one of the bridges
Over the Air Conditioner
Get up onto the roof of the gym. There’s a large square air conditioner with a ramp next to it. Jump off this ramp and clear the air conditioner. You’ll need a lot of air to pull this off
Park GapOpposite the above mentioned Mini Gap, on the other side of the climbing wall, are two other quarter pipes separated by some doors. Jump from one side to the other
Perfectly BalancedGrind the balance beam in the gym
Planter GapOutside the gym, grind one planter, then ollie to another and grind it
Playground RailFrom the funbox next to the climbing wall, ollie up to the wall and grind its length
Rail To Rail TransferOn the slop leading down from the gym, start a grind on the rail or the side, then ollie and continue to grind on the other
Ridiculous RailFrom starting position, drop down and turn around. Find the winding path that leads down to the pool. You need to grind the left-hand ledge all the way from where it starts at the wall, and all the way down to the pool
Roof HopThere’s an area with two quarter pipes opposite each other near the bridges, with a low building to one side. Use the quarter pipe to get on top of this building’s roof
Roof To Awning GapFrom atop the air conditioner on the gym roof, you’ll see a pipe leading down to a green awning. Instead of grinding the pipe, jump from the air conditioner to the awning
Roof To Roof GapFrom the gym roof, you’ll be able to see a nearby tall building. Ollie off of the quarter pipe and across to this lower roof
Credit: PushSquare

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Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 Remastered is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You can check it out and purchase it here, and the collectors edition here.

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