Top 5 FPS Games (Or Franchises) Of All Time

Top 5 FPS Games of All Time

Time for a debate! We’re here with the Top 5 FPS games / series of all time. Let’s get stuck in…

FPS’s are the most played game genre in the world, at about 27% of all gaming. There have been some really bad FPS games, but there have been some transcendent experiences in the genre that are worth remembering. Here are the top 5 FPS games of all time (Or franchises) in my opinion…

5. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Series

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Credit: Call of Duty

Look, the entire Call of Duty franchise is great. I remember playing the original with a big group of friends and having a great time. But Call of Duty: Modern Warfare brought the franchise into the gaming titan that it is now. It’s better than any Call of Duty series released before it, after, and probably for the rest of the franchise. Fight me. It’s number 5 because while it’s fantastic, each game is just the same as the one before, with tiny differences.

4. Goldeneye

GoldenEye 007 Is So Great It's Getting A Documentary On Its Greatness
Credit: GameByte

Wait, wait, before you crucify me for not putting Goldeneye higher on the list, hear me ou- put the torch down… Okay…

Goldeneye was the first FPS I ever played. It was the first James Bond experience I ever had. I fell in love with Bond movies BECAUSE of Goldeneye. I was that kid who picked Oddjob in multiplayer just to piss off my friends, or ran around as Boris when we played Slaps Only. It’s number 4 ONLY because of how clunky it was with a single stick and having to aim up and down with the C buttons. That’s it. If it was made to be a two stick shooter, it would be a lot closer to number 1. No, using two controllers doesn’t count.

3: Halo Series

top 5 fps games
Credit: Halo 3

Halo is my personal favorite FPS series to ever exist. From the first Halo on, the story is compelling, the music brings out emotions in me, and grunts begging for their life gives me joy. I’d argue that Halo’s LAN functions brought more gamers together than any other game at that point, with Counter Strike being the only possible contender. Halo 2 also brought in Xbox Live, which changed gaming forever. I will love Halo forever. Yes, even the 343 Halo’s.

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2. Half-Life/Counter Strike Series

top 5 fps games
Credit: WIkipedia

Half-Life was amazing by itself. Wanna know how amazing? It’s STILL a meme to ask for Half-Life 3, 17 years later. Not only was the game amazing, it spawned Counter Strike via a mod. Counter Strike grew to be one of the largest esports in the world due to the competitiveness and skill ceiling of the game. No other FPS game will ever be as straight up influential as Counter Strike, and therefore by extension, Half-Life.

1. Doom Series

top 5 fps games
Credit: Microsoft

Oh man. What can be said about Doom that hasn’t already been said? While technically not the first FPS game, it CERTAINLY was the first FPS game to achieve legendary status. The first game by itself would have been enough to take the number 1 slot in this list, but the past 4 years have brought us ample reason to include the entire series. Someone could play JUST Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal and still think it’s the best FPS series of all time. Fast action, brutal combat, and a killer soundtrack make the recent entries top tier games.

*rocks out to Rip And Tear*

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Do you agree with my top 5 FPS games/franchises of all time? Wait, this is the internet, so probably not. Comment below what your top 5 fps games of all time are!

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