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Treasures of the Roman Empire Review – An easy clicker game

Treasures of the Roman Empire

Are you looking for a casual adventure game you can mindlessly play for hours? Well, do we have the game just for you. At the beginning of September 2020, new Italian game company, Strange Beat Games, released this 2D adventure game where players relive being a part of the Roman Empire era.

Easy Gameplay and Simple Visuals, Too Easy and Simple?

This game doesn’t exactly offer surprises to new players. What you see on the store page on Steam, is actually what you get. Easy gameplay includes clicking around the screen to find the pieces you need to move on. Click on the frames, click on the books, click on everything to continue forward in the game. But again this game was never aimed to deceive you into thinking there’s more into it than there is. It’s an easy game for simple gaming pleasures. As you go through the game new puzzles open up to players to play.

Side note: when booting up the game, it’s default setting of the game is in Italian. But even just basing it off the pictures, you’ll be able to figure out how to change the language settings. I told you… it’s an easy game.

Puzzles For All Ages

Treasure of the Roman Empire
Treasures of the Roman Empire

TOTRE is all about their puzzles and on their game description they claim that the game is suitable for all ages. And yes we do agree with that. Though every puzzle vary in difficulty, it never gets too difficult for… maybe at least a pre-teen child? maybe younger? I am almost quite convinced this game is really made for kids. It heavily reminds me of old PC games: 2D art, looped soundtrack, and lots of clicking. Even how players move through the game are similar to early 2000s games, with its stiff controls and slow reaction to clicks. I do have to give a little shoutout to the maze-in-the-dark levels, which I thoroughly enjoyed amongst the other challenges despite it’s plain gameplay. Maybe that’s another point to the game… nostalgia?

Is It “Worth It” To Finish The Game?

Treasure of the Roman Empire
Strange Beat Games

I believe that depends on the player. The early stages require a bit of patience for gamers who are looking for more “adventurous” adventure games. You’ll have to hang in there during that “boring” parts. But, I do think the later parts of the game are a bit more enjoyable than the earlier levels. On the other side, for a new young gamer, aka kids out there today with access to a console or PC, it might just be enough to keep them hooked. Also, a big shoutout to the soundtrack! Definitely very Roman indeed. With horns blazing, it could get stuck in your head if you play it for over half an hour. Here’s your warning.

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After releasing TOTRE, Strange Beat plans to release more games and I think, supporting smaller game companies as such is always a good thing to do. This straightforward game doesn’t come with a big price tag and only costs as what it should be with what the game offers. Even with its children’s-level-complexity, it is a respectable creation and if you still have doubts whether to try the game or not, just check out its trailers and videos. Most or even all of what’s the game is like and its story is in there. No plot twists.

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