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TSM Officially Sign Huni for 2021 LCS Season

TSM have officially signed Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon as their starting top laner for 2021 LCS season. Huni had been locked on to play for Evil Geniuses through 2021 by way of his contract which was signed in late-May. By joining TSM, Huni’s contract was reportedly bought out by the defending LCS champions.

“The big news is that I’m moving towards TSM which is a pretty big move I would say. I’ve seen a lot of people [get] worried about me. Maybe I’m not playing well but I’m pretty sure I can prove all the haters wrong and…I’m just going to be playing well–like Huni,” said TSM’s new top laner in the team’s announcement video.

TSM’s roster for the 2021 LCS season now sees Huni playing in the top lane. Mingyi “Spica” Lu staying put in the jungle. Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage at mid lane and Hu “SwordArt” Shuo-Chieh supporting. Only the ADC position remains vacant after legendary player Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng announced his retirement after returning to the team after a gap of two and a half years.

Huni signed a multi-million dollar contract with Dignitas after qualifying for the group stage of Worlds 2019 for Clutch Gaming, the team’s predecessor. However, his play regressed to the point that he was substituted from the starting lineup halfway into the spring split and ultimately released after its conclusion.

During the prelude of the summer split, Huni was picked up by Evil Geniuses from free agency to serve as their academy team’s starting top laner. Six weeks into the regular season, he was promoted to the main roster by replacing incumbent starter Colin “Kumo” Zhao for the remainder of the split. Evil Geniuses finished in fifth-sixth place in the playoffs with their elimination coming at the hands of Cloud9 in the second round of the lower bracket via a three-game sweep.

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Though Huni enjoyed a return to the starting lineup near the end of the season, he didn’t sway the presiding unfavorable opinion that tagged him as an inconsistent player and reliability in the rift. In his eight games of the regular season, among top laners on average, Huni ranked eighth in KDA (2.1), fifth in kills (2.3), seventh in assists (4.6), tenth in CS per minute (7.6), and seventh in gold per minute (369).

As a whole, he hovered in the LCS as a below-average starter for 2020. Comparatively, most of his individual stats were on par to Kumo’s numbers before the latter was replaced, thus showing a trend of stagnation in the top lane for EG.

By joining the reigning LCS champions in TSM, Huni is conscious of the fact that his new team will likely be his last chance to prove that he belongs to compete in the highest level of play in NA.

“This is the year that [will] probably [be] my last shot,” Huni said in conclusion of his move. “I think there’s a lot of people that [are] really scared or worried. For me, I think this is a really similar feeling [like] when I joined SKT from Immortals and even when I just joined Fnatic.

“Everyone was telling me like ‘what is kid?’ I just had to prove myself…Thanks for giving me more motivation [for the future]. I will for sure crush them.”

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