TSM VALORANT Sign Brax as Their Sixth Player

Braxton ‘Brax’ Pierce has been locked in as the sixth player in the TSM VALORANT squad, expanding the roster to six players. Having departed T1 just last month, Brax will return to action amidst a lacklustre period for TSM.

TSM rose up to the top of North American VALORANT last year, with a 3-1 loss against 100 Thieves stealing the First Strike: North America trophy from the team.

However, at the start of the new year, things got worse for TSM VALORANT, with the team failing to qualify for the North American counter-part of VCT: Masters 1, with a 2-0 defeat at the hands of 100 Thieves sealing their fate just one series away from reaching the further stages of the first stage in the Riot sponsored circuit.

Hoping to turn the tide as we close up on Stage 2 of the VCT circuit, the team coached by Taylor ‘Tailored’ Broomall has jumped in the recent wave of extended rosters in VALORANT, adding none other than one of the most prized talents in the region to his squad.

Brax has been inactive in the professional scene since his departure from T1 in early February, alongside his career-long partner Keven ‘AZK’ Larivière. While the future is still unclear for AZK, it is now official that his partner-in-crime will go on his own trial for the foreseeable future.

While it is still very much unclear the circumstances under which Brax will step up for the team or how this will affect their roles or their playstyle, TSM will have very little time to adapt to this new change, as this brand new expanded roster is bound to make their official debut tomorrow, facing Akuma Esports at the Round of 128 of the Open Qualifier to VCT: North America Stage 2: Challengers 1.

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