TSM wins Immortals First Light Invitational

The Immortals First Light Invitational tournament saw eight of the current best VALORANT teams duke it out for $10,000. TSM came out victorious above all in a 2-0 series against Cloud9 in the finals. 

Matthew “Wardell” Yu, Yassine “Subroza”‘ Taoufik and Tayler “Drone” Johnson all put on a fragging show for the TSM side. Fresh off a weekend win over Gen.G in the finals of the CLG Blitz Cup, the train kept chugging along for TSM. 

Wardell started off the grand final with a perfect Sova game. In the semis, he was using his Operator skills to completely shut off any Immortals push. Yet the final saw him get a double-kill with hunter’s fury as well as exceptional recon play, on top of his insane sniping skills of course. A quick and easy 27 kills with a 311 average combat score plus an absurd 97 econ rating saw TSM take map one 13-8 on Ascent. 

Tyson “TenZ” Ngo did what he could as he made a surprise Sage pick work for C9. His efforts just weren’t enough to stop the coordinated firepower of TSM. On map 2, Josh “Shinobi” Abastado would take over on the Sage for TenZ, who went for Jett on Bind. 

TSM jumped out to an 8-4 lead on the defenders’ side on Bind. Subroza ran out to 17 kills in the first eight rounds alone. Even playing as Brimstone, generally a controller type character, the frags ran through. He showed fans that Wardell is not the only player on TSM who can rock the Operator.

Of course, that didn’t stop Wardell from getting a highlight play.

Well up 10-5, Subroza pulled off four successive kills to open up the A bombsite to keep his great game going. . From there, TSM completed a 13-5 win over their rival organization to win the Immortals First Light Invitational.

Drone played a wonderful Phoenix during the tournament run. He made a big impact with utility, as he used it to play up aggressive angles or to get his teammates out of sticky situations. 

Hazed and Cutler didn’t make the same kind of splash on the stat sheet, yet Hazed’s Sage play and positioning were crucial on the defense side. 

Skyler “Relykz” Weaver had a great showing in the semi-final win over Gen.G. A 27-9 showing on Bind helped secure the 13-5 win and the series. Unfortunately, that dynamite performance didn’t transfer over to the final, where C9 was suffocated. Daniel “Vice” Kim struggled all throughout, posting only 12 kills on the 2 maps.

TSM have now won their second straight tournament. Currently, they’ve cemented themselves as the team to beat in the early VALORANT days.