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Twitch’s Safety Council Under Fire

Twitch’s Safety Council under fire when, earlier this week, the new “Safety Advisory Council” was announced with the objective of keeping the Twitch community safe and healthy, but it didn’t go to plan.

What Is The Safety Council?

The Council is composed of online safety experts and Twitch content creators who have a better understanding of the community and what they want. This Council will have a say in a number of topics:

  • Drafting new policies and policy updates
  • Developing products and features to improve safety and moderation
  • Promoting healthy streaming and work-life balance habits
  • Protecting the interests of marginalized groups
  • Identifying emerging trends that could impact the Twitch experience 

Among the people announced was FerociouslySteph. She was one of the first transgender streamers to ever be partnered on Twitch. Steph believes that in-game voice communications are anti-inclusive and hurt female player-bases. Her suggestion is to remove voice communications to give everyone the same competitive playing field.

FerociouslySteph’s Tweet.

People began to harass Steph on Twitter. Steph responded by saying “cisgender white males are the only group who are against removing in-game voice communication”.

“Only cis white males are against banning voice chat apparently” – Twitch Clip

This clip started gaining attention on the popular sub-reddit, LiveStreamFail. As a result, streamers reacted to the clip which led to Steph receiving more hate. Steph responded with a strong opinion, stating that “a lot of gamers are white supremacists”.

Steph Calling Gamers White Supremacists – Twitch Clip

This clip left people concerned about the future of the platform because of the power this safety council has. Many streamers are disgusted at what Steph has said and have demanded she is removed from the council and banned from the platform.

In conclusion, streamers on the platform are unhappy with the new council and the clear target that Steph has towards certain groups of people. Better luck next time, Twitch.

Twitch’s Safety Council Under Fire. Let us know your thoughts, make sure to check out more of the latest news on Gamezo.