Two New VALORANT Skin Packs Revealed

New VALORANT Skin Packs

New VALORANT weapon skin packs are coming, coinciding with patch 1.11. The game is quickly becoming known for great skin design, as well as very expensive skins. The tagline for the first sleek pack, Ion, is “Humanity’s last hope is in your hands” a little much for a cosmetic pack, lol. The second pack coming is called Sensation.

The weapons chosen for this Ion pack are the Phantom, Operator, Bucky, Sherrif and a Melee. The Melee stands out to me because I’m reminded of the Halo energy sword, which is always a good thing. Or maybe it’s a bike seat, as people on Twitter pointed out.

They look phenomenal though, as the skins usually seem to. The bright blue light mixed with the white and black looks very fitting for VALORANT. Primarily-white skins aren’t very common it seems, so this is a nice change.

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The second new skin pack, Sensation, brings rainbow colors to the Frenzy, Judge, Odin, Stinger and Vandal. The first four weapons in the pack are underutilized sometimes for skins. These skins seem to be lower on the price hierarchy, as upgrades and variants aren’t expected.

New VALORANT skin packs seem to come quite frequently. It’s always nice to see them take skins in a new direction, playing with specific colors and textures. The Sensation and Ion packs both look promising, and should be available very soon.

Riot made a lot of people happy by reissuing the Reaver skin pack near Halloween time. At first, when the prices of the skins seemed exuberantly high, there was a lot of community pushback. But now it seems Riot has made the right people happy, and skins have been, figuratively speaking, flying off the shelves. These new packs don’t look like an exception.

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