Unrailed! A Charming Never-Ending Adventure!

I recently wrote an article talking about the Top 10 Criminally Underrated PC Co-Op Games! However, I might have to revise that list, considering I have recently discovered this gem of a game called Unrailed! Developed by Indoor Astronaut, ”Unrailed!” is a cooperative multiplayer game where you and your friends must work together to build a train track across an endless procedurally generated world. However, the train in question is constantly moving, (must be an impatient driver) meaning you must keep the train from derailing, otherwise it’s game over! 

You must gather resources and craft tracks as quickly as possible. Coordination and communication are crucial for your team to survive, as this endless world rapidly increases in difficulty as your journey goes from sunny grasslands to dry deserts to snowy mountains! A word of warning: this game is currently co-op only, (although the developers are planning to add a singleplayer mode in the future) so make sure you have a friend to play the game with. Besides, every game is better when played with a buddy.

Gameplay: Peaceful Tranquility To Mass Panic!

The first thing you’ll do in ”Unrailed!” is gather some wood and iron to craft your first tracks. You will have to quickly decide who among your friends gets to do which job. As the game goes on, the challenge increases, and so do the stakes, because if you crash the train, you don’t lose 5 minutes of progress; you can lose hours! However, you will have a lot more to deal with than just making train tracks.

Along your adventure, you will encounter thieves and bandits who will try to steal your tracks and resources, annoying animals blocking your path and a dynamic weather/day-night cycle plunging you into darkness. Along the way, you may upgrade your train with various wagons to help battle against the ever hostile terrain. You can upgrade your train using bolts which you find scattered across the world and at the end of every level.

In addition, during every round, you can earn an extra bolt by completing optional objectives such as not bumping into your teammates or not killing the animals that can block your path. With your bolts, you must decide whether or not you want to upgrade your train or go into the next set of terrain. One of the biggest upsides to ”Unrailed!” is how easy it is to pick up and play. The game has incredibly basic controls whether your playing on a keyboard or a controller. No matter your skill level when it comes to gaming, you can succeed in ”Unrailed!”

Modes: To Save Or Not To Save? 

In ”Unrailed!” you can play cooperatively with up to four players in a single team or try your hand at the two versus two mode. The main mode to play is ”Endless”. This means that once you and your friends crash your train, you will have to start over from the beginning. However, if you can’t bear to lose hours of progress, you can also make the game slightly easier by enabling checkpoints. The true beauty of the game comes from those moments of pure panic when the train suddenly catches fire and you realise that you have trapped yourself and have left the water bucket behind, ruining hours of progress!

Me and my friend had an absolute blast playing this game over the last few days, and will we will continue to play until we reach the final world! At £12.99, the game is fairly cheap, and with only a 600MB download size, ”Unrailed!” won’t be taking up much hard drive space. I suspect the game should be leaving Early Access very soon, so now is the perfect time to pick it up!

In Conclusion:

Unrailed! is a delightful gaming experience perfect to play with friends either by your side or online, a game so charming and simple it will leave you with a smile on your face the entire time you are playing it.

”Unrailed!” is currently in Early Access on Steam for Windows, Linux and Mac. In addition, a PS4, Xbox One and Switch port is being made however, no official release date so been set yet.

Unrailed! is currently available on the Steam Store, if you are interested in purchasing the game you can do so here! 

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