Valheim Already 3rd Most Popular Game on Steam

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Valheim, a Norse mythology-inspired… *waves at a jumble of game genres*. Released on February 2nd, 2021, it is already the third most played game in concurrent players. Only CS:GO and DOTA II have more concurrent players than Valheim at the moment.

Credit: Valheim

Valheim by Iron Gate AB and published by Coffee Stain Publishing is taking the game-o-sphere by storm. Only two weeks into release and it’s already the third most concurrently played game on Steam. Only DOTA II and CS:GO beat it out.

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The Norse mythology and Viking culture-inspired open-world survival purgatory online co-op with 10 players base building exploration PvP RPG *takes breath*… game QUICKLY sold a million copies. Hot dang this game has a lot.

It only took EIGHT. DAYS. To sell a million. Now that may not seem like much to those who stick to AAA titles, but for those who are well versed in the indie gaming community, this is quite the achievement. The only other game that I can remember that achieved that was Stardew Valley. I’m sure there are more recent examples though.

The surge of popularity could be attributed to the low price of $20 as well as the graphics. I could run this game on a dirty sock if I wanted. I might try that later actually, laundry day is tomorrow so now is an opportune time.

Valheim is rated Overwhelmingly Positive on Steam, which is really impressive considering it has over 35,000 reviews, and people on Steam tend to be a bit picky about the reviews they give.

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