Valheim Boss Guide: Eikthyr

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In this Valheim boss guide, I’m going to detail how to beat the headbangingest deer I’ve ever seen, Eikthyr. I don’t think I can accurately describe how METAL Eikthyr is. I’ll try.


Imagine taking an image of a buck into photoshop and mirroring the horns in both directions so they just go everywhere, then toss in red eyes and LIGHTNING THAT SHOOTS OUT OF THE ANTLERS. THEN WRAP IT ALL IN CHAINS. Now, take that whole image, and blow it up by like a thousand percent. Eikthyr.

Behold his brutalness. He looks like something Jack Black would write a song about.

Valheim boss guide
Credit: Screenrant

How to Summon Eikthyr

Once you progress enough, the crow spirit will tell you to summon and fight the first boss, Eikthyr. You do so by farming two Deer Trophies, which are dropped by deer. A regular deer has about a 33% chance to drop a trophy, while a deer with a star next to it’s name plate will always drop one. Once you obtain them, offer them to Eikthyr’s altar. Then get ready to die. I mean fight.

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First, I’ll have to explain food buffs. You can have three active food buffs, activated by eating one of the three types of good; cooked met, cooked neck tail, and berries or mushrooms. Each food gives a different amount of max HP or stamina and a slow HP recovery.

So, before you start the fight, eat one of each so you can get as much health as you can while getting a health recovering buff. Also, I’d recommend sleeping before the fight to get the rested bonus.

The Fight

The fight itself it fairly straight forward. Run away from Eikthyr whenever he gets close, because he will either charge up a lightning blast that emanates in a long cone in front of him, or an AOE blast that is somewhat easily avoidable. He has a melee attack but you shouldn’t ever be close enough for him to use it.

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Unfortunately, both attacks use the same animation where he rears up on his hinds legs, turns his head to the side, then slams his front hooves into the ground. So just stay away from him.

The rocks around the altar are a life saver. Hide behind them and, while managing your stamina (charging/holding your bow uses stamina, as does running), shoot at Eikthyr. Make sure to fully charge your bow when you can, as it does extra damage.

When he gets close, run to another rock and repeat. The rocks force Eikthyr to run around to keep a line of sight on you, so you can use that time to run or risk a bow shot. I’d suggest running.

You could also risk a melee fight in general. A wooden shield and flint spear combined with blocking at the right time and good stamina management would lead to an easy victory.

As of right now, Eikthyr doesn’t have any other phases, so it’s pretty much a run and shoot, run and shoot fight.


Eikthyr drops an EIkthyr Trophy and three Hard Antlers. Eikthyr’s Trophy can be used at acrificial Stones to obtain the Eikthyr Power buff which decreases the stamina used when running and jumping by 60%. It can also be placed on an item stand, after which it will occasionally speak to the player.

The Hard Antlers are used to craft the Antler Pickaxe, a necessary item in the path of progression that allows the gathering of higher tier ores.

Did this Valheim boss guide help you defeat the stag from hell? Comment below, let us know if you found an easier method, or if I’m just bad at the game and don’t know what I’m talking about.

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