Valheim Boss Guide: How to Defeat Elder

Valheim boss guide

In this Valheim boss guide, I’m going to detail how to beat the tall creepy tree guy who would give Treebeard nightmares.

The Elder

The Elder, the second of the Forsaken, is located in the Black Forest.

Valheim boss guide


You’ll need better gear than the tutorial equipment that the game instructs you to craft. Also, just like the first fight, make sure to be well-rested and have all three food buffs (cooked meat, cooked neck tail, berry/mushroom). Below is a list of the recommended gear.

  • Bronze Helmet
  • Bronze Plate Cuirass
  • Bronze Plate Leggings
  • Bronze Shield
  • Bronze Axe
  • Fine Bow
  • At least 100 arrows
  • Deer or Troll Cape

Also, this may require you to craft a raft to travel across water. To build a raft you need twenty wood, six leather scraps, ten resin, and a workbench close enough to the water to build it.

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Summoning the Elder

To summon the Elder you need to find the Burial Chambers inside the Black Forest, and use three Ancient Seeds. You acquire three Ancient Seeds by killing Greydwarf Shamans and Brutes, or their nests.

Fighting the Elder

The Elder boss is quite difficult. It has three attacks; An AOE stomp, a ranged root attack, and it can summon roots that attack the player. Much like with Eikthyr, I’d recommend kiting the boss and just putting as many arrows into it as you can, using the surrounding stones to protect yourself when it gets too close.

You can use melee, but you’d have to make sure to manage your stamina well enough to be able to run and dodge when needed, and not just spam attacks. I’ve made this mistake many times while playing Dark Souls, only to end up needing to pry my controller from the drywall. And then fix said drywall.

If you do play a melee build, which I don’t recommend, you really should get a cape. The Deer Cape adds one defence at base level and one more for every upgrade and the Troll Hide Cape adds defence with a set bonus effect of making you more sneaky sneaky.


The Elder drops the Swamp Key, which unlocks the Sunken Crypt in the Swamp, and the Elder Tophy, which increases wood cutting speed.

Good luck.

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Did this Valheim boss guide help you in defeating the Elder boss? Do you know of a better way? Let us know below in the comments.

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