Valheim: Four Updates Coming This Year

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An interview with Iron Gate Studio revealed that the four updates planned for Valheim in 2021 will bring new biomes, building, bosses and more.

During an interview with PC Gamer, Henrik Törnqvist, co-founder of Iron Gate Studios, spoke in more details about the updates planned for Valheim this year.

Valheim is the new popular title in Steam. With over 2 million sold copies, the game from the Swedish company, Iron Gate Studio, is what everyone is talking about. 

Valheim Roadmap
Credit: Iron Gate Studio

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Hearth and Home

Valheim Fort
Credit: Iron Gate Studio

By the name of Hearth and Home, the first update will focus on exactly what the name says. With kind of a mixture between Minecraft and The Sims, the home construction system in Valheim is interestingly fun and well done. Therefore, an update with more things to build it’s more than welcome. However, it’s not only building pieces are coming, more food recipes are also coming.

‘It will probably be pretty focused on the food preparation aspect of the game with more recipes and stuff like that, But there are also new additional building pieces.’


Cult of the Wolf

Valheim Mountain
Credit: Iron Gate Studio

Not much was revealed about the second update. Although, there is some speculation that it will involve the mountains biome since it’s where wolves can be found. 

‘Will be an update that focuses on exploration and combat with hopefully some new fun and different encounters for the players.’


Ships and the Sea

Valheim Ship
Credit: Iron Gate Studio

The third update is said to include more ship customization options and bring a little bit more of life and things to do in the ocean biome.

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Valheim Fight
Credit: Iron Gate Studio

The fourth update is probably the bigger one since it brings a brand-new biome, enemies, items, boss and resources. It was also confirmed that each new biome included in the game will have its own boss with the possibility of some new lesser bosses showing up at some point. 

It’s important to remember that, although Valheim already has many fans and reached the milestone of 360,000 concurrent players, it’s yet in its early access version. Therefore, some improvements are still welcomed while we wonder how much better the game will be on its final version.

‘So yeah, that’s quite a big task, but we will accept the challenge, so to speak. In the finished version of the game, there will be nine biomes with nine bosses. And then we’re also exploring adding mini-bosses and stuff like that. So yeah, there will be more bosses coming.’


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