Valheim – How to Craft and Use a Cart

Exploring in Valheim and tired of being restricted to a limited amount of inventory space? Well, look no more, because this guide will teach you how to craft and use a cart in Valheim. This item will make your exploring so much easier, and your adventures much more enjoyable.

What is a Cart?

The Cart item in Valheim is used to store items and transport them over distances and is pulled under human power. It is a very essential item to have for an easier adventure experience and works incredibly well to carry a larger amount of storage.

Valheim: How to Craft (& Use) a Cart | Screen Rant
Credit: Iron Gate AB

Required Materials to craft a Cart

To craft one, you need to gather a Forge and a Smelter – key tools in order to craft a Cart. The materials required are:

  • 20 Normal Wood
  • 20 Bronze Nails

After you have made sure you have both the Forge and the Smelter – you will need to gather 1 Tin and 2 Copper. Combine both to create a Bronze Bar, which you will then use to turn into 20 Bronze Nails.

Credit: Iron Gate AB

How to craft the Cart

After crafting and gathering everything that you need, equip your Hammer and craft the Cart – found in the Miscellaneous tab.

Valheim Cart
Credit: Iron Gate AB

How to use the Cart

To fill the inventory of the cart, go up to the side of it and by pressing E, you will be taken to a menu of the cart storage.

Valheim Cart
Credit: The Ginger Empire

To start moving the cart, move towards the two pulling bars at the front of the cart, press E to start pulling the cart behind you.

Valheim Cart
Credit: The Ginger Empire

Keep in mind that the cart isn’t invincible. The cart does take damage from certain objects. Make sure your route is safe and do not use it over bumpy roads or hills.

With that being said, you’ve now successfully learned how to use a Cart in Valheim. For more useful guides & content related to Valheim, make sure to check out our other guides.

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