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Valheim skyrocketed in popularity in no time at all. Since February 2nd, it’s already sold three million copies. Here is some Valheim tips for beginners to help you through the first couple of hours of gameplay.

The Beginning of Your Adventure

When you start the game, you’ll wake up at the Sacrificial Stones. They’re basically the quest stones that point you to the different bosses and are conveniently placed at the centre point of the map.

Valheim tips for beginners
Credit: Valheim

Perched on a smaller stone will be your guide in Valheim, a crow. He’s kind of like an in-game source for Valheim tips for beginners *Matrix soundtrack*. Norse mythology hints that the crow could be Odin himself, but that’s never mentioned in-game. The crow will put you through a short tutorial in the form of several quests. Describing them here would be redundant, so I’ll skip that part.

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The Meadows

Valheim tips for beginners
Credit: IGN

The first biome in Valheim is the Meadows, a serene expanse of grass and trees that genuinely make me want to travel to Scandinavia and vacation there for a week or something. In this biome, you’ll be able to gather the beginning materials, fight low-level enemies and creatures, and probably die anyway.

Gathering and Crafting

Valheim tips for beginners
Credit: Gameskinny

First things first, you want to punch some trees. You’ll immediately notice that your Unarmed skill will level up. All skills level up by just using them repeatedly. Be careful though, if you die in Valheim, ALL of your skills reset to zero.

You want to gather enough wood to craft an axe. Punch five wood out of the smallest trees, then run around and find four stones lying around on the ground. Open your inventory and craft the Stone Axe.

All tools degrade, denoted by a white bar beneath the tool. Any tool can be repaired for free at a roofed workbench.

Next, to upgrade your axe, you’ll need to build a Workbench. Thankfully, all you need is ten more wood, plus a hammer. The hammer only needs three wood and two stone. Craft the hammer, place it in your action bar, select it, and then his the right mouse button.

In the crafting menu, hit F to jump to the ‘Crafting’ option. Select the workbench, and place it where you’d like it to go. Notice the wide circle around the workbench. That is the area where that specific workbench allows you to use it to craft certain items.

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What I don’t get is why you need a roof over the workbench for it to be usable via the selection method, but hey, I didn’t make the game. The easiest way to do this is to place two walls behind the bench, parallel to it, and then two slanted roof pieces on top, hanging over the bench. The workbench does NOT require a roof over it in order to craft near it via the Hammer.

Now, you can use the bench to craft many more items. Pretty much every item that you can no craft is useful, so you should craft each and every one of them. I highly recommend having a torch. It serves as a light source and can burn enemies over time if you are able to hit them with it.

If you don’t want to craft everything, here is what I recommend:

  • A campfire – It allows you to sleep in your bed. Make sure you have ventilation in your house, otherwise you’ll take damage from the smoke and die.
  • A bed – Resting at night will pass time and make it morning, and will set your spawn point to the bed. To use it you have to have a campfire nearby. Resting in the bed also give a rested bonus, which increase health and stamina regeneration.
  • Crude Bow – Bows are VERY strong in the early game. They may be a bit difficult to get used to, but once you get the hang of stamina management and aiming, you will deal out damage like it’s free beer at a country music festival.
  • Wooden Arrows – Requiring only 8 wood for 20 arrows, you should stock UP on them. Especially because the aiming is certainly unique.


You should also look out for berry bushes/mushrooms, deer/boars, and Necks. There are three food buffs in the game, which increase your maximum health and give other benefits, and each of those foods will give a different buff that stacks with the other two. Necks are frog lizard things that usually hang out in the shallows of the water, and are an easy kill. Cook their tails for their food buff.

A Raft

Valheim Beginner's Guide

There might be the off chance that your first boss is on a different landmass than the starting area. That happened to me on my second playthrough… You’ll need a raft to get there. To craft a raft (that rhymes.), you’ll need to place a workbench near the water. The raft is already learned and can be crafted with twenty wood, six leather, and ten resin. Place it in the water and read the directions on how to operate it.

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In Summary

Basically, unless you’re a speedrunner, take your time. Gather as many materials as you can and/or want, upgrade your items, and explore all of the crafting options.

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