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Valorant Agent Reyna Teased As 11th Agent To Join Roster

In Valorant news, Agent Reyna has been teased by Riot in an effort to fill the space between the end of the Closed Beta and Launch on June 2. She will be the eleventh agent to join Valorant’s roster of characters.

New To Valorant, Agent Reyna is a Vampiric Disruptor.

Hailing from Mexico, Reyna is the latest agent to join Valorant’s growing roster of colourful characters. The teaser video we get lets us take our first look at the newest agent in action. However, while it showcases some of her abilities, we don’t get anything specific from it. 

This doesn’t mean people haven’t been able to figure a few things out. 

Firstly, there is an orb system similar to Overwatch’s Reaper that Reyna employs. When an enemy is killed, they drop an orb. When Reyna collects this, she is able to use these to enhance her Q or E abilities. Additionally, she also has a blinding ability in the form of an ethereal eye. This seems to blind any enemy who lets the eye appear on their screen during its duration. 

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a good look at her ultimate ability: Empress. Sources have suggested that this will offer her a health generation boost, and increase her rate of fire, for a limited time. This can also be used to combo with her other abilities for maximum effectiveness.

Valorant Agent Reyna
This is what Reyna can do, allegedly

Reyna, alongside other Valorant agents, have their own Spotify playlists, too! If you want to psych yourself up further for Valorant’s launch next week, check it out here.

With Valorant releasing SOON, here’s everything you need to know about Riot’s 5v5 shooter.

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