VALORANT: Breach Guide – How to Become a Better Breach Player

Having a hard time with the Swedish Initiator? With this Breach guide you will understand his role and maximize his kit in the field.

Breach Abilities

Signature Ability – Fault Line

Description: Breach’s free ability unleashes a seismic blast in a certain direction that will daze anyone in its path, with its distance linked to how long you hold the FIRE button. As the kit of this particular agent is geared towards creating space for your team and clearing angles, you should use this tool with such intent, either by setting up an early frag in the round or by stealing map control from the enemy team.


Description: Keeping in tone with the kit, Aftershock is an essential part of your area denial role. This ability makes it so Breach can fire a slow-acting damaging burst through surfaces. This devastating charge is critical to punish defenders hiding behind objects or holding any pesky corners. Its staggering damage means you can also use it to retake a site and to force your opponent into the open. Keep in mind this ability can make your enemy wide peek you, so you should always coordinate its use with your team. Cost: 100.


Description: The meat and potatoes of Breach. This blinding charge goes through walls and surfaces and blinds anyone looking at it on the other side. Flashpoint is essential to shut down enemy OP players, pounce back on enemy pushes, challenge angles, get map and site control and so much more. It is probably the most useful part of Breach’s kit and one you should become acquainted with. However, be careful, as you can only have up to a maximum of three Flashpoint charges. Cost: 200.

Ultimate Ability – Rolling Thunder

Description: The final piece of Breach’s kit is a cone shaped cascading seismic quake that will daze and knock up anyone in its way. When and where should you use this ability relies pretty heavily on your overall game-sense and the situation at hand, going way beyond any Breach guide. You can use Rolling Thunder to stun multiple enemies and grab yourself a multi-kill, but you can also use it to get a key pick and take over a site. As long as your ultimate tilts the round in your favour, it was well spent. Cost: 7 Ultimate Points

If you need any additional help understanding these, the UI does a great job, pointing out on the mini-map where any of these abilities land. Just don’t forget to call out your flashes and stuns, as these will also affect your allies.

As you can probably tell by now, Breach’s abilities are completely reliant on team-play and cracking up rounds by being the first man in. And even though that is the role of Initiator agents, Breach is less dependent on gathering intel like a Sova, for instance, and more geared towards face-checking angles and challenging your opponents into duels where you have the advantage.

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Even though it might seem like this speciality could make Breach useless on the defending side, experienced players will use his kit for controlled aggression and to keep their opponents on their toes.

You can buy yourself time for rotations with your flashes, you can set up a coordinated push to grab map control and figure out the plans of your enemies, equalizing an otherwise disadvantageous situation. Just watch out for Cypher traps and other tools that for counter-play that might punish these attempts.

Nevertheless, you can never go wrong with a Breach on your squad, as his area denial role is unrivalled among his peers. If you trust your teammates and pursuit a supportive, less flashy and less demanding role in your team, then hopefully this Breach guide has motivated you to try him out. Just don’t forget to call out your flashes.

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