VALORANT Challengers: NRG and IMT Progress to Next Phase

One tightly knit game and another which was undecided between the two teams on both maps. VALORANT Challengers has been somewhat of a treat for us viewers tonight.


The 4th Quarter-Final started with NRG banning Bind and picking Haven then letting BBG pick Icebox and ban Split and leaving Ascent for the final map.

Icebox started off strong for the BBG squad going 4-1 in the first 5 rounds. The first half ended with BBG picking up 7 rounds to NRG’s 5. The second half began with a fantastic 1v2 from Poach running into the Viper orb and taking the headshot after that NRG made a fantastic comeback to win the map 13-8 after a shocking 5v4 defuse.

Haven started with NRG taking the first 4 until dropping 3 rounds in a row where it looked like NRG would’ve taken it but unfortunately, s0m lost the 1v1.

Following that NRG was looking strong picking up another 5 rounds to make it 9-3 at the end of the half with a flawless round to close the half. After a strong attempt from BBG to come back to take it to map 3, NRG held it down, with a daps 3 piece in the final round to make it 13-6.

Immortals vs TSM

Immortals starts the veto by banning Split and picking Icebox following them TSM banned Haven and picked Ascent.

Map 1 started off strong for TSM going 5-0 but after losing one round they started to crumble with IMT amounting to a comeback ending the first half 7-5 and continuing that kind of performance into the second half going 13-1 after picking up their initial round in the middle of the first half. 

Map 2 started strong for IMT starting off with a 4-1 lead on Icebox but a comeback from TSM halted that with the CS veterans taking 7 rounds plus the second half pistol to take the advantage. Going into the second round the two teams were trading rounds back and forth with IMT coming back very gradually until the old guard took it 13-9 taking us to map 3.

Map 3 on Bind started with the 2 teams trading blows with each other in a tightly knit contest. This extremely close competition carried on throughout the entirety of the first half and even the start of the second.

The entirety of the game was like that essentially, one round to IMT, one to TSM even going as far as the final rounds which came down to 11-12 until Immortals took a flawless round on B site. An exciting finish to a long series of Valorant.

VALORANT has been exciting for esports viewers to watch tonight, with a long night to come still with two more matches including a big one with T1 vs Sentinels yet to start. Here’s a recap on Cloud9 vs T1 and ABX vs Sentinels.

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