VALORANT Challengers Quarterfinals: T1 and Sentinels fall, C9 and ABX Advance

It was a shocking start to the exciting night of VALORANT with two unexpected results in the Upper VALORANT Challengers Quarterfinals.

Cloud9 vs T1

With the map selection T1 decided to ban Ascent, being their weakest map not having played it in their past 5 matches, C9 went onto ban Bind and then to pick Haven after that T1 picked Icebox with Split remaining.

Map 1 was taken by C9 Blue starting on offence with a shaky 1st half and then a very dominant second half ending a valiant effort of a comeback from T1.

Map 2 on Icebox started extremely strong from C9 going 10-2 in the first half with Poiz having a fantastic start. The second half started off extremely strong for T1 with Cloud9 only picking up one round after 5 rounds and after that picking up 2 rounds in 3 finishing the game and making T1’s trip to Iceland a lot more difficult.

Andbox vs Sentinels

Map selection started with Andbox banning Icebox and Sentinels going onto ban Bind and then picking Haven with ABX picking Split for their map having Ascent remain for the final map.

Map 1 was an excellent viewing experience as the match ended 15-13 to Andbox with the Sentinel strat seeming to be “TenZ go kill” ending the game at 32 kills and 198.8 ADR, 10 more kills than second on his team Shazam.

Map 2 on Split started extremely one-sided with Sentinels taking the first half 8-4 and looking to take the second map of the series but then Andbox started off just as one-sided as Sen in the first half amounting to a second-half comeback that went right down to the wire with ABX completing the comeback 13-11.

This is just a start to an exciting night of VALORANT esports. Stay tuned for the rest of the VALORANT Challengers Quarterfinals games being reported as they end.

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