VALORANT Challengers Semi-Finals: V1 Shock The World Eliminating EnVy

V1 took on EnVy in the VALORANT Challengers Semi-Finals to take their next step in their qualification quest for the Iceland Masters.

There’s one more game remaining until we find out the next North American team that will be joining Sentinels at Masters 2 later this month in Reykjavík, Iceland.

Map 1: Split

On the first map, V1’s pick, the first half started off with a pistol round win from Version1 and then picking up the next round. Following those 2, they traded pretty much every round vs them to take the half 7-5 in their favour.

The second half started off with EnVy picking up 3 out of 5 rounds with Victor (formerly food) picking up a massive 3k to take the first of the 3 rounds for NV. Unfortunately for EnVy after that, they only picked up 2 out of 6 rounds and lost the game 13-10 in a tight matchup.

Map 2: Haven

If the first map was close then the second map was something else. On NV’s pick, they dominated the first half picking up 8 rounds out of the 12 only winning one round with a spike detonation. The second half started with a fantastic post-plant play from V1 and helped them amount the comeback to then take the game to OT.

Despite that, unfortunately for V1, they lost both the overtime rounds to give EnVy their map pick win to take us to a third map.

Map 3: Ascent

Ascent started off strong for both sides with NV winning the pistol and anti-eco but then dropped the next 3 rounds to start off the game pretty balanced; to add to the balance these two teams had the first half ended 6-6.

The defensive side started incredibly for V1 winning 5 rounds in a row to take control of the game. Following those 5 NV picked up 3 rounds to start a slight comeback but that was halted almost immediately by Version1 to win another 2 and eliminating EnVy from VALORANT Challengers Semi-Finals and from qualifying for the Iceland tournament.

We have our finalist for Losers Finals now which is V1 vs C9 Blue. C9 looked incredibly strong against SEN and sometimes looked like the better team despite losing; V1 held the entire series incredibly strongly against a relatively well-matched opponent but not on the same level as SEN.