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Valorant’s Deathmatch Mode Will Soon Be Available

Deathmatch mode

Valorant, the most-anticipated competitive beta title this year, was released on 2nd June and has been getting a lot of attention in the gaming and eSports worlds. Riot Games has put the deathmatch mode on hold for a long while and have finally decided to launch it.

Valorant‘s Deathmatch mode will be quite different than a standard unranked match or a competitive one. Deathmatch mode will have 10 players in total, the same number of players as a standard Valorant match has, but there will be no teams. Valorant’s Deathmatch mode will not have any abilities or the spike to be planted or defused. These rules are similar to the deathmatch rules in other games like CSGO, but all the players will have a limited amount of money each time they spawn after getting killed or joining a match.

All Valorant fans have been asking for and anticipating the deathmatch mode since it was in Closed Beta several months ago. Players have been playing a Spike Rush or two to warm up before a competitive match but will now finally have deathmatch mode to warm up their aim.

The deathmatch mode will be a quicker way to jump in for practice against real opponents and will have no penalty when left before finishing unlike the standard Valorant match or a Spike Rush.

Valorant’s Deathmatch mode will be live on 5th August, a day after the release of Act 2. Riot Games will begin beta testing the mode and will soon release it at a final stage.

Riot Games has been very keen on releasing updates for skins such as the Glitchpop pack and other cosmetic items but not the well-deserved and demanded game mode of deathmatch. I’m hoping we’ll see more gameplay-related updates in the future.

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