VALORANT: Developer Confirms Upcoming Brimstone Changes

After being largely untouched for Episode 1, a Riot Developer took it to Reddit to confirm that changes to Brimstone are “coming very soon”, hinting at a revamp of his abilities on the advent of Episode 2, scheduled to be released on January 12th.

Brimstone has been largely absent from competitive play on North America, having only seen some limited play on the European stage.

As such, the VALORANT community has been quite noisy about the subject, asking for a buff or at least a rework of his kit for quite some time.

Sharing the role of Controller with agents like Omen or Viper, a role focused on setting up smoke coverage to your teammates and cutting off choke-points from your enemies, it soon became clear that Omen had a more versatile and powerful kit than Brimstone, completely replacing him in competitive play.

On Brimstone, your smokes are excruciatingly limited by range, and the rest of your kit relies on a somewhat cumbersome Molotov and the practically redundant fire-rate boost provided by the Stim Beacon.

On the other hand, Omen has arguably the best smokes in the game, an ability that can blind enemies and a teleport that allows him to strike from where he is least expected.

Viper has been the oddball of the group, but multiple buffs have slowly but surely been bringing her back as a volatile alternative to Omen in competitive play.

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It was clear that a change had to be on the works for the beret-wearing agent, but the reply from VALORANT Developer Altombre confirms that Riot has noticed the problem and is working towards its resolution.

While the details of these Brimstone changes are still largely unknown, he is expected to maintain his role as a Controller, with efforts probably geared towards this role in the meta. With Act 3 of the current Episode starting on January 12th, we might not see these changes on Episode 1.

Instead, these changes might come later on with Episode 2, with its reveal scheduled for January 11st at 6 PM GMT. It is likely we will see there what might be the next chapter for Brimstone and for VALORANT.

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