VALORANT Ego Skin Collection to Release Thursday

The latest cosmetic pack in VALORANT, the VALORANT Ego Skin collection, will release Thursday after patch 1.08 comes out. The pack features black and white designed skins inspired by real-world streetwear attire. Among the weapons is a melee, Vandal, Guardian, and Ghost. There is also a cool-looking Rhino cosmetic attachment for your weapon.

The weapons also have a red variant to go with the black and white. They look absolutely fantastic and super clean. “For those who dare to be bold, let your success speak for you,” the skin collection’s tagline reads.

Riot Games

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“EGO by Onetap is VALORANT’s exploration into real-world style,” Riot said. “A moment to explore global style and streetwear taste for players in our game.”

– Riot Games

This collection will go for 7,100 as a bundle, but prices vary for each weapon. Below is everything you will get if you buy the bundle.

  • EGO by OneTap Ghost – 1,775 VP.
  • EGO by OneTap Stinger – 1,775 VP.
  • EGO by OneTap Guardian – 1,775 VP.
  • EGO by OneTap Vandal – 1,775 VP.
  • EGO by OneTap Melee – 3,550 VP.
  • EGO by OneTap Player Card.
  • EGO by OneTap Spray.
  • EGO by OneTap Gun Buddy.

Yes, the prices are exuberant once again, but that doesn’t seem to stop people from buying skins. It also helps that all of these skins have been very fun to use (when you pick it up off the ground lol) with cool animations and sleek designs.

The VALORANT Ego Skin collection looks like another banger from Riot, who has delivered on skins all throughout the game.

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