VALORANT Elderflame Skin Pack to Release July 10

July 10 will see the debut of the VALORANT Elderflame Skin Pack. The Ultra Edition pack is a different kind of skin pack, with more interactive skins. Riot took to Twitter to announce the Ultra Edition Skins: Elderflame. The pack will be available in the in-game store on July 10.

VALORANT has already seen a few skin packs so far. The skins are quite inventive, ranging from normal cosmetics to switching the gun sound, animations, and even final kill effects. All those parts of the higher edition skins are present in the teaser. 


Riot teased the VALORANT Elderflame theme a few days ago with a teaser trailer of a fiery dragon. The Ultra Edition skins were teased in a developer blog post back in May. The UE skins would be priced at 2475 VP a piece. So the pack could be closer to 10,000 VP to unlock all the skins. This translates close to £80 in the store. 

Currently, the Prism collection is the main skin pack in the shop. The pack costs 5,100 VP, which translates to about £40. This makes the skin packs in VALORANT quite pricy, but you are guaranteed to get the skins, unlike the loot box method used in other games.

And VALORANT does have some cool skins already. After just about five weeks since launch, there has been a plethora of skins to buy. Players have complained about the pricing of the skins, but in a free game, a developer has to make their money somehow. And it’s less unethical to set a basic price for the skins. 

Besides, this pack looks unreal. You can literally turn bullets into fire, and the final kill brings a dragon down from the sky to annihilate your opponent’s body. The dragon on the end of the gun barrels seems to come alive when reloading or pulling out your weapon. The video only teased the knife, but it has an orange fiery glow to it. 

VALORANT has five tiers to skin pricing. Select edition, deluxe, premium, ultra and exclusive. Each varies on price point. How they will balance this off release will have to be seen. The VALORANT Elderflame skin pack might be worth the money if you are an avid player, and if you are into cool things.