VALORANT First Strike: NA Qualifiers Format

VALORANT First Strike

The VALORANT First Strike: NA Qualifiers are set to begin tomorrow. The NA qualifiers will have the most competition gunning for spots in November’s $100,000 tournament series. There will be two qualifiers that will cut the massive pool down to just eight teams when it is all said and done. The first event is produced by Nerd Street Gamers, where 128 teams will begin their competition.

There will be a second qualifier that begins on Nov. 11, which is to be produced by UMG. The event will be streamed on Nerd Street Gamers Twitch channel. Nerd Street Gamers hosts a lot of VALORANT tournaments and has been one of the first companies to run an Ignition Series event and a First Strike event.

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Of the 128 teams in this event, 16 will move on to the official qualifier. In that event, the top four teams will go straight to the main event, which is to be held in late November. The 5th-8th place teams in that qualifier will go to the second open tournament.

Sign-ups for this tournament are over, but hopeful players can still throw their hat into the ring for the UMG event at

From Riot:

  • Oct. 26 – 30 — NSG Open Qualifier
  •  Nov. 4 – 8 — NSG Tournament
    • Top 4 teams advance to VALORANT First Strike Event
    • Next 4 teams advance to UMG Tournament 2 (below)
    •  Watch on Twitch (nerdstgamers or VALORANT_NA) or YouTube (VALORANT_NA)
  •  Nov. 11 – 15 — UMG Open Qualifier
  •  Nov. 18 – 22 — UMG Tournament
    • Note: Pool includes 4 teams from NSG Tournament
    • Top 4 teams advance to VALORANT First Strike Event
    •  Watch on Twitch (UMGGaming or VALORANT_NA) or YouTube (VALORANT_NA)
  •  Dec. 3 – 6 — VALORANT First Strike Event

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