Valorant: Heretics Win First Strike: Europe Finals

A Sunday Best-of-Five series would see Team Heretics conquering the First Strike: Europe title on a 3-1 scoreline, with the Riot sponsored event handing them the official title of best team in the European region.

After overcoming the likes of G2 and FPX on the Semi-Finals, Team Heretics would be going up against the orgless roster of SUMN FC in an unexpected match-up for the official title of best European team in VALORANT.

Team Heretics took the lead on their map pick of Ascent, with SUMN FC gathering a single round on their defensive side. Heretics wouldn’t lose any more time on the first map, starting the finals with a monolithic 13-1 victory.

SUMN FC would answer back on Icebox, finishing the first half on a two round lead before seizing the map 13-7 on the back of a stellar defensive performance that gave little to no room for Heretics.

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The roster composed by a British core wouldn’t have the same luck on Haven, as the team would fizzle out after a balanced start into the map, allowing Heretics to close out the first half on a 9-3 score. The distance would prove too big for SUMN FC, with Haven concluding on a 13-5 for the side of Žygimantas ‘nukkye’ Chmieliauskas.

First Strike: Europe
The power duo of Heretics, Lowel and Nukkye, used to play CS:GO for Hellraisers / Credit: ESL

We would see more of nukkye in the fourth map, taking over the Operator on Bind to stop the SUMN FC comeback dead in its tracks. An 8-4 half wouldn’t deter the side lead by Jake ‘Boaster’ Howlett from tying it all up 11-11.

Heretics would threaten with the match-point, and latency issues would pause the game in the final round. Coming back from the technical break, Team Heretics would close the series with an A execute, finishing the series 3-1 and grabbing the official title of best VALORANT team in Europe with a critical First Strike: Europe win.

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