VALORANT Map Power Rankings

VALORANT Map Power Rankings


The maps in VALORANT are always heavily debated about. Some maps seem to be a love or hate situation, where other maps are consistently enjoyed. Yet, there are only four maps in the game so far, which is frustrating to many. Of the four in the game, there are a variety of hot takes people seem to have. Here is a not-so definitive list of the VALORANT map power rankings.

Let me preface this by saying that I am a perennial Gold level player. This is how I feel about these maps, not from the perspective of a professional player or a dude who just plays way too much. 

No. 4 – Split

Is Split bad? Maybe, maybe not. It depends on who you ask mainly. Personally, I find defense to be so spread out on this map and mid to be such a mess that rounds get very stale after awhile. Team composition on this map is pretty hit or miss as well.

The rope gimmick of this map isn’t my favorite either. It allows for some awkward gunfights and makes the ropes area near A Heaven to be odd to control. The middle of the map was reworked after the beta and still feels pretty boring and standard.

No. 3 – Ascent

Ascent seemed to get a lot of hate when it first released. Mainly it felt like every time you queued up you ended up on the new map. From a cosmetics perspective, it’s actually my favorite map. The colors and structures all look really cool to me. On the other hand, it doesn’t feel as balanced as Haven or Bind.

Again like Split, mid control is so important that you end up seeing a lot of the same aim duels from catwalk and such, and the lack of entry points to the B bombsite makes for some interesting executes. There have also been a decent amount of bugs on this map. Once a bomb is planted though, retakes on Ascent need a lot of teamwork and coordination that make the map pretty fun.

No. 2 – Haven

Haven has the three bombsite gimmick that took me some time to get used too. Coming from my PC FPS experiences mainly on CS:GO, it seemed implausible at first. But with the different agent abilities in VALORANT, three bombsites seems to work. 

The strategy around garage/mid is very interesting when playing. There are a lot of options for an offender side to take, which adds a solid balance to the map. Retaking bombsites on this map can be difficult, especially without any numbers advantage. 

No. 1 – Bind

Bind to me is the most complete map in the game. The teleporters are very balanced and rotating from bombsite to bombsite doesn’t take too long. There is a good balance of opportunities to flank, and entering both A and B takes a lot of coordination from an offensive side. 

There is a great variety of aim duels on this map as well, with plenty of short/medium/long angles. Watching great teams play on this map is very fun. 

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