VALORANT Patch 1.11 Releases After Delay

Yes, we did have to wait a little extra for VALORANT Patch 1.11. Altogether though, it’s good that it’s here and hopefully stable. The patch was pretty exciting for players as the new agent Skye was supposed to pop in, and competitive was supposed to get Icebox. There were also economic tweaks coming to Riot’s FPS. Yet there were plenty of stability issues with the patch’s launch and Riot had to scramble to remove it and get it fixed and ready.

Okay, this was more funny than anything else. Josh “Steel” Nissan posted a hilarious video right after the patch came out where he gets a scare from Sage when entering a smoke. Yet this was a part of a larger issue for Riot, and they found a way to fix it.

Thread about the bug.

This patch is live in North America, Latin America, and Brazil, with the patch rolling out soon for the rest of the world. The patch clocks in at just 1.2 GB. This is a fix for a patch that Riot described as a “technical nightmare.” Developers had to work to fix the bugs that caused a whole lot of issues.

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Now that this patch is live, it will be interesting to see how it affects the First Strike event. Cloud 9 Blue was victorious in the first qualifier, securing a top seed in the next part of the event. By December, there will be just eight teams left for the $100,000 tournament. Hopefully, this patch goes smooth and by then we can see a map played on Icebox or even Skye picked in a game.

It is time to sit and wait a bit, as players give the important patch 1.11 another try. It’s time to see if Skye will be the agent that people expect her to be.

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