VALORANT Patch 2.07 – Astra, Raze and Viper Changes Expected

Just like the last patch, Riot has accidentally leaked the VALORANT Patch 2.07 notes early. Astra, Raze and even more Viper changes are expected in VALORANT Patch 2.07.

With this being leaked so early by data miners, we may see further changes made before the patch is live next week.

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Agent Updates

Credit: Riot Games


  • Gravity Well
    • Now pulls Agents that are defusing the spike.
    • If they are pulled out of the defuse range, the defuse will be interrupted.
Credit: Riot Games


  • Audio cues added to indicate when she’s boosted in the air from Blast Pack
  • Explosion and Showstopper launching VFX updated so they are less obscuring and clear out of the play space faster
Credit: Riot Games


  • Fixed a bug when calculating if damage taken while decayed should be lethal for players with armor.
    • Caused Marshal shots when the target was decayed 50 to reduce the enemy to 1 health instead of killing them.

Quality of Life

  • Improved feel of ping wheel selection tool; this should now feel more predictable to use.
  • Cypher Tripwires now display to observers with associated team color.


  • Fixed issue where spectators and observers could sometimes see incorrect aim vectors for scoped-in sniper rifles when switching between views. The incorrect view would settle to the correct position over about 1 second. The correct view now immediately shows.
  • Yoru can no longer plant the spike after using Gatecrash while his Dimensional Shift is active.
  • Fixed an unintended dome in the sky that Astra saw if she came out of Astral form while Omen is using his ultimate.
  • Fixed a bug where Killjoy’s turret next to Sage’s Barrier Orb would sometimes break it.
  • Cypher can no longer place Spycam in Cyber Cage projectiles.
  • Fixed issue where Killjoy’s disabled Alarmbots would chase far away targets that ran by them when it was re-enabled.
  • Fixed issue where Skye’s Guiding Light appeared to go underground when thrown directly down.
  • Fixed various localisation issues with the server selector and the promotion screen.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the Match History Filter to function incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug where players would have to restart client to rid themselves of their competitive queue restriction after their restriction ended
  • Fixed a bug where some players were not penalized for being AFK after a match ended during remakes
  • Fixed a bug where players using a Russian keyboard were having issues with party push to talk
  • Fixed a bug where players who swapped to Thai keyboard had their voice chat settings reset

VALORANT Patch 2.07 is expected to release next week, 13th April 2021.

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