VALORANT Patch Notes 1.10

Valorant patch notes 1.10

Act III is here! Rejoice as the new update and VALORANT patch notes 1.10 have been released for players to read before the act goes live today. A new map, Icebox, highlights the patch along with a few competitive changes that we all new was on its way. Preferred server select to go with the brand new Middle East servers is the newest function to the game.

Map Updates

One of the major map updates is the inclusion of a new map, Icebox. The map is in a “beta” mode for the first two weeks of the new patch according to the developers. Patch 1.11, which is expected for Oct. 27 should solidify the map in competitive, as it will give players an opportunity to play new agent Skye as well. VALORANT patch notes 1.10 however don’t mention the new agent, as it is all about the new map Icebox. Icebox will be skewed in your favor as well, as when you queue up for your first Act III unrated game you will have a good chance of getting Icebox.

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The map features tight angles, lots of gunfights and “adaptive play” according to Riot. One new fun feature that comes with the VALORANT patch notes 1.10 is ziplines or “Ascenders.” This new feature will add some verticality to the map, and work like how the ropes do on Split.

New vision cone accuracy changes are here for Ascent and Bind. Haven and Split may also get these updates soon as well.

Competitive Updates

Competitive updates are a big part of the VALORANT patch notes 1.10. You can now select your preferred server, which should help with connectivity issues. Rank disparity for parties is capped at three ranks instead of six. So if you are Gold III, you can party with a minimum Silver III and a maximum Platinum III. This will tighten up lobbies, and if you are Platinum you don’t have to worry about Silvers ruining your game anymore.

Immortal players and up will only have their rank score affected by wins and losses. This means a tight game won’t have much importance on your rank, and a low individual performance will not calculate at all into your rank. So win, win, win.

Deathmatch Updates

Player count in deathmatch is going from 10 players to 14, to allow you to see more players and get into more gunfights. This is pretty big. An updated spawning algorithm is expected to encourage “safer” spawn points according to Riot, and you shouldn’t get shot in the back of the head upon spawning anymore, even with 14 players.

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There will be no more periodic mini map pulse to show players. Instead, players will get one off of spawn. The match length is going from 30 kills to 40 kills or 6 minutes to 9 minutes. Every kill will now result in an auto reload as well. So deathmatch should be a more effective mode for warming up your aim. XP is also going up from 500 to 900 for completing a game, so it really is just a big update.

Misc./Quality of Life

  • The Battlepass now has upgrade Variants for the Surge skin line, including the free track Surge Sheriff
  • Minimap performance increased
  • Tournament mode enabled custom games can now fit up to 12 observers
  • Requested guns can now be sold back to the shop, doing so will refund the player who fulfilled the request
  • Observer can now hold walk when in freecam mode to reduce speed (fast and slow speed can be configured in settings menu)
  • In-world pings are now team-colored for observers
  • Reyna and Phoenix ult timers correctly update for observers
  • The keybind text in the current spectate target widget has been removed for observers
  • Flashed indicator for observers has been updated with new art
  • Crosshair setting added that allows crosshair colors to be locked to team color for observers
  • Players no longer get stuck trying to descend vent ropes while walking (leaving A-Tower)
  • Added new modifier keybind for observers to jump straight to freecam when jumping to a player (left shift by default)
  • Plant/defuse progress UI is now always visible to observers, and includes which player is taking the action
  • Observer player no longer see player-specific hud indicators (e.g. taking damage indicator) when in freecam
  • Ability timers now work for dead / spectating players & observers (e.g. reyna & phoenix ult durations)

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