VALORANT Patch Notes 1.11: Skye Arrives

Valorant Patch Notes 1.11

The newest agent Skye will be live to play in-game after the VALORANT Patch Notes 1.11 go live this afternoon. Icebox will enter the competitive rotation, Cypher, Killjoy and Breach all get tweaks and new economy rules round out the patch notes for the latest update.

Skye will be available for all game modes and is expected to be available for esports competition beginning on November 9, around the time First Strike qualifiers will take place. The tournament is a focal point of Riot’s tweaks to the game in this patch, as the 100,000 USD tournament will end the drought from the last Ignition series event.

“With First Strike on the horizon, the balance team has been hard at work making our last round of major balance changes before teams start duking it out,” Lead Character Designer Max Grossman said. “We want to ensure that the top teams don’t have to constantly adapt to a changing game while they’re playing in the tournament. Minor balance changes may occur during the span of First Strike, but we won’t deploy changes like the ones in this patch that heavily impact a team’s strategies.”

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VALORANT Patch Notes 1.11 Agent Changes

Breach, Cypher and Killjoy all are getting little tweaks. The first being Breach’s flash being tuned. His full flash time is increased from 1.75 seconds to 2 seconds, buffing his flash. This is supposed to help initiate bomb site rushes and retakes.

Cypher is seeing an interesting tweak, with his trapwire now being disabled and revealed upon death. Before, a trapwire would stay wherever regardless of what happened to Cypher. This will force players to be smarter and more creative about their placements. The same goes for his Spy Camera, which will now be disabled and revealed upon death.

Three of Killjoy’s abilities are going to be tweaked. Her Alarmbot and Turret will now deactivate if she is more than 40m away. This means that Killjoy will have to play whatever side she uses her utility on, and it will tip off players that Killjoy is near. Cooldown after pickup for the Turret and Alarmbot is reduced from 20 to 10 seconds for the turret and 20 to 7 seconds for the Alarmbot. Now, Killjoy can move her utility around more freely, granted that she is near.

Nanoswarm detection range is going down from 5 to 3.5 meters. Damage is increased to 45/second and it now ticks smoother and faster while in Nanoswarm instead of 10 health every fraction of a second. So Killjoy does get this buff.

Competitive Changes

  • Straight from
  • Icebox enters the Competitive map rotation
    • Icebox will be available for use in official esports competition (e.g., First Strike) after four weeks in Competitive queue (November 29, barring any issues)
  • Shorter Unrated queue times for the highest-rank players
    • We’ve taken steps to further solve issues for elite players experiencing long queue times for Unrated. We’re also further investigating improvements to reducing long queue times for all primary modes.
  • Added location of the current gamepod to the loading screen for all modes
  • Adjusted Combat Score to factor in non-damaging assists

Economy Changes

There are a few interesting changes to the economy ruleset. Here are the changes from

  • Attackers who lose but survive the entire round without planting the Spike receive a reduced number of credits (1,000)
  • Defenders who lose but survive the entire round after the Spike has detonated also receive reduced credits (1,000)
  • Dying to the Spike will no longer count as a death in KDA statistics
  • Additional economic information added as a tooltip when hovering over the exclamation mark next to “Min Next Round” in the shop


  • You can now send a direct message by clicking a friend’s name in chat instead of having to type their name out
  • Players that have been AFK or alt-tabbed for more than 5 minutes will now appear as ‘Away’ in the Social Panel
  • Adjusted team colors to remain fixed for the full duration of a game for observers instead of having the Attacking side always appear as red, and the defending side always appear as green

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