VALORANT: Patch Notes 2.01 – Split, Jett Changes And More

VALORANT Patch Notes 2.01

Just a few weeks after Episode 2’s release, Riot Games released their first changes in the episode. Here’s VALORANT Patch Notes 2.01 and what the changes it entails.

VALORANT Patch Notes 2.01 – Jett Nerf

VALORANT Patch Notes 2.01 - Jett Nerf
Credit: Riot Games


  • Cloudburst : 7 seconds >>> 4.5 seconds

During Episode 1, Jett’s cloudburst originally lasted for 4 seconds and then was buffed to 7 seconds. The VALORANT team has decided to undo that as they noticed that Jett’s smokes was starting to replace Controllers’ role in the team, who usually would take on that task.

VALORANT Patch Notes 2.01 – Split Changes

VALORANT Patch Notes 2.01 - Split Changes
Credit: Riot Games

The updates on Split focuses on allowing more movement and opportunities for the attackers when playing on the map. Many parts of the map are expanded to decrease chokepoints and cornering attackers. Split features high tower points, allowing defenders to camp and stop attacker pushes.

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B Site Changes

The B Site changes gives attackers more space to create new plays and removes some 50/50 checks. Also, makes pushing into defender spawn more plausible and provides more Spike planting locations

A Site and Mid Changes

The Vent Room which carries quite the power over mid-map has been changed to allow attackers to push the area with more assurance. Similarly, the Ramen-Scuttle Crab area features a much more open area, removing the heavy dependency on utility to clear corners of the area. A Tower has reduced safety percentage for defenders, especially for campers, and a few depths changes.

Game Updates

  1. Custom Games can be hidden from Match History
    • Many players, especially pros, has requested the change to hide strategies that they are working on. The change was set prior to Challengers, for players to practice with assurance.
  2. The ‘Add Friend’ button only shows up under teammates and not the enemy team. This option won’t show up when privacy mode is enabled for a player.
  3. Adding AFK forgiveness to accommodate players with connectivity issues. Repeated or extended happenings will cause higher penalties for purposeful AFK-ers.
  4. Fixed Yoru decoy’s persisting after his death.
  5. Fixed Jett and Omen triggering defuse sound while dashing or teleporting.
  6. Fixed credit bugs.
  7. More bug fixes found on VALORANT‘s official Patch article.

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Looks like great changes are coming to the game and players are looking forward to how the game will continue to grow!

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