VALORANT Ranked Launch Times

The wait for VALORANT ranked play is over. Riot Games is rolling out ranked play in their new FPS tonight. Each region is rolling out the ranked mode in staggered times. 

KR, OCE & APAC — 1:00PM PT 6/24 

NA/BR/LATAM — 2:00PM PT 6/24 

EU, RU, TR & CIS regions — 8:00PM PT 6/24

So in just a few hours, VALORANT ranked will be live. 

Ranked play was due to launch tomorrow. Instead of coinciding with patch 1.02, bugs delayed ranked play. One bug allowed players to spawn in the other team’s spawn. The bugs have been fixed, and Riot believes ranked is ready to go. 

Patch 1.02 revealed a few agent tweaks as well as a surrender option.