VALORANT: Red Bull Announces ‘Home Ground’ Invitational

VALORANT Red Bull Home Ground Invitational

Red Bull Gaming is organizing a VALORANT ‘Home Ground’ Invitational which will feature EU’s best teams. The official event begins on January 28, however, a free-to-enter qualifier round will start on January 23.

As VALORANT‘s esports community continues to grow, Red Bull, one of the most active sponsors in the video game industry, has announced their very own tournament. With a quick video posted on their social media, Home Ground’s format showcases the ability for teams to choose ‘their home ground’, aka their favourite map. Matches will be Best of 5, except if a team wins the first two consecutively which results in an automatic win.

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The new professional VALORANT tournament will have 8 teams battling it out for supremacy. So far, the following teams are officially joining the tournament:

  • G2 Esports
  • Team Liquid
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • Futbolist
  • Guild Esports

A Special Guest team will also be joining in on the fun as the 7th team. While the 8th team will be a wildcard during this tournament, as it will be comprised of the lucky team who will win the open qualifier match prior to the start of the main event. The qualifier will take in teams with a maximum limit of 64 sign-ups. The tournament has a prize pool of $29,000.

The tournament will be running from January 28 to 31. Fans will be able to catch the tournament on Red Bull’s official twitch at

Best of luck to the ones joining the qualifiers. Who are you rooting for in the VALORANT Red Bull Home Ground Invitational main event?

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