VALORANT: Sage Guide – How to Be a Better Sage Player

Even though Sage is long gone from the earlier days in the spotlight as the sole healer of the agent pool, her skills still make her a valuable asset on competitive play. In this Sage Guide, we will go over her basics and see how you can optimize her strengths to the battlefields of today.

Sage Abilities

Signature Ability – Healing Orb

Description: The most simple and one of the most effective Sage abilities, her healing orb will find its way to any injured allies on your line-of-sight or into your own character. Even though its healing effect has been significantly reduced, from 100 hit points to just 60 over the course of five seconds, this ability is still super strong to bring you and your team back into the fight. The 45 second cooldown caters to a more passive style, forcing you into the backlines of your team.

Sage Guide
Credit: Gamezo

Slow Orb

Description: Keeping in track with her role as someone setting up your first line of initiators/entry-fraggers, the slow orb can restrict enemy movements and lock down a zone at ease. After its flight, the orb will expand into a circular zone that staggers players down. You only have two of these, so use them carefully and deliberately. In combo with certain area denial abilities from the likes of Breach or Sova, you will leave no chance for your opponents, either slowing their attacks/rotations or locking them in place for a swift death. Cost: 100.

Sage Guide
Credit: Gamezo

Barrier Orb

Description: A key asset to the kit of Sage, understanding and dominating this ability is probably one of the most crucial parts of your impact as Sage. You only have one of these orbs and they could very well turn the tide of a round. Put on the ground, they form a solid wall that can be used as a physical obstacle for your opponents, forming at 400 HP but fortifying to 800 HP after a three second delay, but it can also be used to self-boost or to direct your enemies towards a certain choke-point. Cost: 400.

Sage Guide
Credit: Gamezo

Ultimate Ability – Resurrection

Description: This Sage Guide wouldn’t be complete without going over her most famous ability: Ressurection allows her to revive dead allies and bring them back into the round after a brief delay. A very straight-forward ability that complements her kit as someone in the backlines and one very valuable tool to balance out the numbers when the enemy gets an early pick or when your team is at a disadvantage on mid-round. Cost: 7 Ultimate Points.

Sage’s Ultimate can help you turn the tide of a round – Credit: Riot Games

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Make no mistake, while there has been a significant nerf to her healing abilities, Sage is still one of the best support agents in the game, featuring great capabilities in terms of Crowd Control and HP Restoration.

Despite her usage dropping off in competitive play, First Strike: Europe champion Christian ‘lowel’ Antoran plays Sage quite frequently, and as such, if you want to delve any further on the agent after reading this Sage Guide, I’d strongly recommend watching his demos and the way Sage contributes to the game-plan of Team Heretics.

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