VALORANT: Sentinels Qualify for Masters 2 in Close Series Against C9

sentinels qual for vct

Game one of the final day of the NA VALORANT Masters qualifier started off with a tight series between Sentinels and Cloud9 Blue.

Map 1: Haven

Sentinels started the first map strong with TenZ picking up a massive pistol ace to start us off the day with an amazing play. The rest of the first half was extremely strong for SEN picking up 9 rounds to end the half 9-3.

The second half was a lot closer with C9 picking up 5 rounds off the bat to mount a comeback. Leaf came out massive for C9 Blue to try and get the comeback for his team but unfortunately, it fell short for them to end the game 13-11 in the way of Sentinels.

Map 2: Split

With this map, there isn’t much to say as Cloud9 dominated from start to finish. Leaf and Xeta led that for them to take the map to 13-1 with a complete dismantlement of Sentinels. The best play of the map was a Xeta late-game ace with one clip and it followed with this meme post from the C9 account.

Map 3: Icebox

For the final map, the teams took us to The Box. This map started off extremely close, with a pistol round win from C9 and then Sentinels picking up the eco and another 3 rounds with that too then trade rounds between each other to take the half 6-6.

To finish off the game Sentinels took the entirety of the second half to win the game and map, it did come close at one point when a ninja defuse from mitch fell at 0.02 seconds.

Sentinels become the first NA team to qualify for VALORANT Masters. The first international VALORANT tournament. We’ll next see Sentinels at the end of the month in Reykjavík, Iceland.