VALORANT: Sentinels Sweep FaZe to Secure the JBL Quantum Cup

Sentinels will take the JBL Quantum Cup, after sweeping Faze Clan 2-0 in the Grand Finals. The side of Shahzeeb ‘ShahZaM’ Khan will conclude a stellar run at the $50,000 tournament after a major upset against First Strike North America winners 100 Thieves in the Semi-Finals.

FaZe Clan started the series on their own map pick of Haven. A massive contribution from the OP of ShahZaM pushed Sentinels into an early lead over at the defensive side of the map.

As teams switched sides, FaZe pulled ahead, with Corey ‘corey’ Nigra taking full advantage of his Reyna pick to disrupt Sentinels. However, two rounds away from closing the first map, FaZe Clan started to slip and lose its tactical edge. A great retake on the A site kept them alive until Overtime.

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However, after a thrilling series of back-and-forth rounds, it would be Sentinels to come out on top, finishing the 18-16 marathon that was the first map.

FaZe Clan would dash ahead in the first fourrounds, but the reminder of the half would be dominated by Sentinels, finishing it on a 9-3 score after countless attacks on the A site.

FaZe tried to extend their stay in the JBL Quantum Cup into a third map, but despite a good start on the second half, they wouldn’t be able to recover from such a large deficit, with ShahZaM going big with Jett to grasp four rounds on their defensive side, keeping their win streak against FaZe and sweeping the series 2-0 to secure one more regional title.

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