VALORANT: Skye Guide – How to Become a Better Skye Player


On this VALORANT guide, we will be taking a look at Skye, an agent from the land down under that uses her animalistic creations both to land mayhem on the battlefield and to safeguard her teammates.

In this Skye Guide, we will dive into the first Initiator to be added post-launch and the first Australian agent to join the VALORANT roster. Now hopefully, you will also be the first inside the server.

Skye Abilities

Signature Ability – Guiding Light

Description: This ability deploys a hawk with 60 hit points that can be guided by your cross-hair while you hold the FIRE button. Pressing the ability key once again will turn this hawk into a flash, blinding opponents but also emitting a sound queue confirming any hits.

Be warned, if you deploy the hawk for more than four seconds, it will disappear without triggering its flash. Similar to Breach’s kit, you get three charges. As such, mastering this ability will be a priority to increase your impact in-game.

Skye Guide - Guiding Light
Credit: Riot Games


Description: A massive asset for her kit, Skye’s Trailblazer summons a Tasmanian tiger trinket that will scout for you and also can leap towards enemies to concuss and damage them. The tiger trinket has a duration of five seconds and a limited field-of-view, trading some of the intel provided by skills such as Sova’s drone for a little more punch and potential to push out angles and initiate fights.

Beware though, the trinket only has 100 health and is very loud, so try shortening the gap to your enemies as fast as possible. Cost: 200.

Credit: Riot Games


Description: Probably the most interesting and controversial part of her kit, Regrowth allows Skye to fulfil a role similar to Sage, using her “healing pool” (the bar on the centre of your screen) to slowly heal any allies inside her circular radius and in line-of-sight.

Take note that Skye can’t heal herself with this ability and her healing pool can’t be recharged, assuring that Sage is still the best option if you want a dedicated healer. Cost: 200.

Credit: Riot Games

Ultimate Ability – Seekers

Description: Her ultimate dispatches three Seeker trinkets that will hunt down the three closest enemies and near-sight them on contact. These trinkets are slow and have a 150 health pool, being very easy to shoot down by enemies equipped with rifles. Coming much cheaper than other ultimate abilities, Seekers is a great tool when executing on a site or when playing a post-plant, as it will give away the positions of your enemies and keep them distracted. Cost: 6 Ultimate Points.

Skye Guide - Seekers
Credit: Riot Games

Even though Skye has seen very little action on competitive play, her kit can become quite important in the future, as Sage has moved away from the meta and initiators like Breach has become an ever-present pick.

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As seen on this Skye Guide, her own kit plays out very similarly to the bionic Swede, as an Initiator designed to create space for your teammates and to make your opponent as uncomfortable as possible.

Even though she trades some of the pure disruptions a Breach can bring to the table for a little more versatility, by bringing heals and some intel capabilities, these never get in the way of her role in the front-lines as a valid alternative to Breach. Hopefully, with this Skye Guide, you will be ready to step up when that occasion arrives.

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