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Valorant’s Fourth Map Leaked

Dataminers claim to have discovered Valorant’s fourth map which may be coming to the closed beta very soon. The Valorant closed beta currently only has three playable maps: Haven, Bind, and Split.

Rumours of more maps have been floating around, but one has actually been supposedly datamined. According to the dataminer (who was able to find some coding in the games files), Valorant’s fourth map is to be named “Ascent”.

The dataminer was also able to extract multiple textures, including boats, pizza boxes with Italian writing, construction equipment and two stores named Baitshop and Boatshop.

Based on this, we can assume that “Ascent” will be in Italy. This also ties in with another leak. One of the artists who worked on the agent “Sage” posted to Twitter a very high resolution image which also says “Episode 1: Rise of Venice”. This post was then quickly deleted shortly after it was posted.

Furthermore, the original Valorant reveal on March 2nd showed agents fighting over a canal with a background looking very much like Venice. It is also very possible that “Episode 1” is actually season 1 of Valorant.

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