Valve FINALLY Nerfs The SG553! CS:GO Community Rejoices!

IT’S FINALLY HAPPENED! After months and months of begging, the CS:GO devs Valve have finally nerfed the SG553! (commonly called the ”Krieg”) However, Valve isn’t making changes exclusive to the Krieg, with buffs to the AUG, M4A1-S, Desert Deagle, Tec-9 and PP-Bizon included in the update! The Krieg has been a hotly contested issue in the Counter-Strike scene for the past few months, with several professional players, analysts and influencers calling for the gun to be nerfed.

In addition, the new update brings lots of changes, including modifications to multiple maps, the biggest decision being Anubis’ move from Scrimmage mode into the Competitive map pool. (Could we be seeing the next Vertigo here?)  Elsewhere, Inferno, Office, Overpass, Chlorine and Mirage have all seen various adjustments and tweaks.


Now for the juicy stuff. The rundown for the weapon changes is as follows. The SG553 has had its rate of fire and accuracy reduced. (Fantastic.) The AUG gets a small buff to its standing accuracy whilst unscoped. Valve continues to try and get people to use the M4A1-S by decreasing its price to $2900. The Desert Eagle has had its accuracy improved whilst jumping. (The Frag Movie makers are licking their lips right now!) Is it 2015? The Tec-9 is back! Its firing inaccuracy has been reduced. Brilliant, more RUSH B NO STOP on Dust 2!

Finally, the PP-Bizon has had its armour penetration increased. I can hear the Silver players celebrating now. I can’t imagine this gun will be seeing any action in the professional scene, but it’s nice to see Valve continue to try and make every gun viable. In conclusion, this update is a great and needed enhancement to CS:GO, especially with the VALORANT Closed Beta turning peoples heads. CS:GO needs to keep its player base happy and engaged whilst the player numbers are at an all-time high! Nerfing the SG553 was the right thing to do. Now can we get a Source 2 engine upgrade and 128 tick servers? Please, Valve?


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