Valve Introduce Operation Shattered Web!

Valve have released a new Operation! THIS IS NOT A JOKE! I REPEAT: Valve have released a new Operation! The last Operation CS:GO fans saw was Operation Hydra released all the way back on May 23, 2017! Operation Shattered Web has dropped out of nowhere, giving us New Character Models, New Knives, New Cases, New Maps and so much more!

The Operation Shattered Web Premium Pass will cost £12.49. Let’s see what your money gets you!


Each week, you’ll gain access to new missions in various CS:GO game modes, including Co-Op Guardian Missions and an all-new Strike Mission. Completing missions will upgrade your Shattered Web Coin from Bronze to Diamond. Missions are available to all players, but you’ll need to purchase the Operation Pass in order to redeem the rewards.


Introducing Accolades! Similarly to Rainbow Six Siege, once a match has concluded, you will see your five teammates’ best contribution, (most ADR, assists etc) with them performing custom emotes.

Patch Notes:

1.5 GB Patch Update

Valve have increased the price of SG553 from $2750 to $3000. This is something fans have been clamoring for. The ‘Krieg’ is the most over-powered gun in the game currently, and its price point of $2750 was far too low. However, most fans were expecting a change to the fire rate or armor penetration. Will increasing the price by $250 really discourage people from picking the Krieg’ over the AK-47?

They have also reduced the price of the FAMAS and Galil to $2050 and $1800, respectively) Additionally, we see improved spraying accuracy for both the FAMAS and Galil. The CS:GO devs have always wanted a variety of weapons used in CSGO, and this seems to be them wanting more of the playerbase to give the Famas and Galil a go. Will it work? We’ll have to see.

Cache has been moved from Scrimmage and added to Competitive Matchmaking. Personally, I am loving the new Cache rework, and I can’t wait to play the map on Competitive servers again.

Vertigo has yet again seen many changes and updates!

Zoo and Seaside have been removed.

New Character Models!

Operation Shattered Web introduces CS:GO’s first ‘Agents’. These unlockable models can be equipped on the T or CT side. In addition to their unique look, these ‘Agents’ have special voice lines and animations. Here are some of the 22 models that you can unlock.

Four New Cases!

Wanting to update your skin collection? This update has got you covered with The Shattered Web Case, The Norse Collection, The St Marc Collection and The Canals Collection. I have included some of best-looking skins below. I must have that MAC-10 Skin! 😉

New Stickers!

New Graffiti!

Three New Maps!

Another pleasant surprise is the addition of three more maps.

Lunacy is a space-themed map that has been added to Gungame and Flying Scoutsman.

Jungle is, well, a jungle and has been added to the Danger Zone rotation. Does anyone still play that? We’ll have to give it a go.

Studio has been added to list of Scrimmage Maps. I gave this map a quick tryout; seems fun, although there are a lot of confusing routes and rotations. It might need some work in the long run.

In Conclusion!

To sum up: Valve have gone above and beyond to impress CS:GO fans. All we wanted was the ‘Krieg’ to get a nerf 🙂 I look forward to experiencing all that this Operation has to offer!

The operation will last around 16 weeks. A new set of missions will be unlocked each week.

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