Valve Movistar Liga Pro Gaming Partnership Announced

In an effort to kickstart the South American Dota 2 scene, a Valve Movistar Liga Pro Gaming partnership has been announced. The competitive scene has been massively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Movistar Liga Pro Gaming is one of the biggest esports leagues in South America. Dota 2 is one of the most successful esports titles in South America. It seems like a match made in heaven, right? With the help of Valve, Movistar Liga Pro Gaming are planning to produce two separate tournaments. The combined prize money of these tournaments will be around $45,000.

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This may not seem like too much; one of the tournaments is simply the sixth season of the Movistar Liga Pro Gaming League. Last year, there was $10,000 up for grabs. This is now being bumped up to $25,000 in an effort to revive the scene.

The second tournament is going to be called the Final Series. This will be an all-stars match-up, with eight of the best teams in the Movistar Liga Pro Gaming’s Upper and Lower Divisions competing for the remaining $20,000.

Valve Movistar Liga Pro Gaming
Credit: Valve

This all comes at a time when the Dota 2 esports scene is under stress. The Dota Pro Circuit is on hold indefinitely, with this expected to return somewhen in the middle of 2021. The Valve Movistar Liga Pro Gaming Partnership aims to essentially be a lifeline for professional Dota 2 esports in the region, with the finals of both tournaments being broadcast live on the Movistar Deportes channel.

Valve Movistar Liga Pro Gaming Partnership Statement

When asked, Luis Carrillo Pinto (CEO of Live Media Esports Entertainment, producers of the events) discussed the importance of professionalising the local Dota 2 scene in South America.

‘ Dota 2 is the second most popular esport in Peru, with audiences that can even exceed professional soccer in some cases… Our entire staff is preparing all the production details to create the best audio-visual and content experience for the enormous legion of esports fans in our country.’

You can find out what was said on the official Movistar Liga Pro Gaming site here.

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