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Valve Provides Dota 2 Update on New Hero, 2021 DPC Season

Valve has provided a Dota 2 update regarding the game’s newest season, latest hero, and the start for the 2021 Dota Pro Circuit.

As Valve has discussed in their previous Dota 2 update for the Dota Plus subscription service, players can now purchase approximately a dozen Fall seasonal treasure sets with additional shards from now until three months after. Once that time passes, the items will be replaced by Winter seasonal treasure sets with its own particular collection. The service will also deploy new quests for players to complete so they can earn extra shards for use as currency for the purchase of treasures.

For the game’s newest hero’s release, Valve has allotted a set date while also giving hints about its appearance. They had originally planned to release the hero, to which they referred as a woman, on November 30th, but it was pushed back for further calibration. They will release her in mid-December during the Patch 7.28 update. The last time Valve released a hero for the game was on November 26th, 2019 when they made Snapfire and Void Spirit accessible in The Outlanders Update.

Main stage of DreamLeague Season 13, the last organized Major of the 2019-20 DPC.

For the last part of the blog post, Valve has revealed the start date for the 2021 DPC to be January 18th. Sixteen teams across two divisions–an upper and lower division–will compete in each of the six Regional Leagues that consists of Europe, China, North America, Southeast Asia, South America, and the CIS. The best teams from each of the six leagues will then qualify for the first Major tournament of the season. More information about the new season will be disclosed in due time.

The 2019-20 DPC season was marred by  the extent of the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic. Two Major tournaments were played during that year’s DPC before Valve decided to cancel the remainder of the schedule in March due to the gravity of the pandemic. Travel restrictions, national regulations, and adverse nature of the virus eventually led to the postponement of The International 2020, forcing teams to compete in third-party online tournaments scattered in the meantime.

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